Coach Speak: Chris Frey

Upper Arlington coach Mike Golden chats about one of the Spartans' early enrollees in the 2014 class. Golden tells what type of player the Spartans are getting in Frey and the kind of person he is.

Michigan State has a pair of early enrollees in the 2014 class, one of which is Upper Arlington graduate Chris Frey. Frey and tight end Matt Sokol started classes this week.

SpartanDigest talked with Upper Arlington coach Mike Golden, who coached Frey for three years, about what the Spartans are getting in the linebacker:

SpartanDigest: What kind of player is Michigan State getting with Chris?

Coach Mike Golden: "A real aggressive kid, a real tough kid. Real good athlete. Just a kid that makes plays. he's really aggressive and that aggressiveness comes out especially on the defensive side."

SpartanDigest: What one attribute of his game do you think he will bring the most to the college level?

Golden: "I think he's a good match for Michigan State in the sense of passion. It seems like the same sense of passion the Spartans have, being passionate and being tough and being passionate about tough."

SpartanDigest: As a person, what does Chris bring to a program?

Golden: "I think he's a good quality kid that comes from a very good family with good values. I am sure Coach Dantonio is just looking for quality character people like he probably has with most of the kids in his program. That's what I would say."

SpartanDigest: In his three years on varsity, what most impressed you in his development?

Golden: "His commitment to being the best player that he could be."

SpartanDigest: Was there an area in which he greatly improved at during his time at Upper Arlington?

Golden: "Just understanding in the mental part of the game. The difference schemes and different patterns in what was going on from sophomore to senior year."

SpartanDigest: Looking at his future in East Lansing, what do you think he can accomplish in East Lansing?

Golden: "I think he will have to fit himself into what Michigan State does, but I think he will be a good guy on the edge – a hybrid safety kind of kid that is so big in modern football. He's just going to have to work really hard because he's got a great thing going up there. I think any kid that comes in up there is going to have to work really hard to get on the field."

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