Chemistry, veteran group leading to road wins

Spartans 3-0 in true road games early this season. Players talked about why they have found success away from Breslin -- some even saying they prefer road games.

Michigan State hasn't had a lot of chances to prove itself on the road yet this season, but in limited opportunities, it has made the most of them.

In three true road games, Tom Izzo's squad is winning by an average of more than 15 points per game.

Senior point guard Keith Appling said he likes playing on the road more than he likes being at Breslin Center.

"(I like it) simply because great teams get better and they have to show some sort of bind to come away with a victory on the road," he said. "I feel like that's where teams grow as people and as players."

With a pair of conference road games this week, the Spartans will be provided a couple more opportunities to grow.

With a veteran group though, plenty of the growth already has taken place.

"Everybody has played everywhere so far," sophomore Matt Costello said. "It's kind of like playing at home. We go in expecting boos and you energize yourself for the boos and your goal is to shut up the crowd.

"That's what we talked about before every time we go out is let's shut this crowd up. We've done well so far and hopefully we can continue this streak this week."

Part of the road success thus far for the Spartans also can be credited to the feeling of being in a bunker, Costello said.

"It's comfortable and fun to play at home, but to play on the road, it's 30 people on the road with you," he said.

With team chemistry that Izzo raved about before the season and continues to mention, that close knit group has found a way to thrive together.

"I just think our team chemistry and how close we are really helps," Travis Trice said. "There's been times that we've been on the road that we've had to pull together when another team has come out and punched us in the mouth and we just stuck together and fought through."

The next road challenge is Wednesday night in Evanston against Northwestern before the Spartans play at Illinois on Saturday night.

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