Copeland Worked on his Official Visit

While Vayante Copeland went to enjoy his official visit to Michigan State, he also saw an opportunity to do a little recruiting in the process. Spartan Digest caught up with the Dayton, Ohio native for more about his visit.

Since his commitment in June, Vayante Copeland has made only a few trips to the campus of Michigan State. This past weekend, the Dayton (Ohio) Thurgood Marshall product returned for his official visit.

"The visit was great," said Copeland. "I bonded a lot with my future teammates and toured around campus. We also went to the basketball game and kicked with a couple of football players and having a good time with some of the commitments."

Copeland's host was a familiar face he's known for some time.

"R.J. Williamson was my host," he said. "We've known each other since I was in seventh or eighth grade. He taught me a lot about campus and what to expect. He also talked about his major in business and gave me a chance to see what the life of a Spartan Dawg is all about."

Making the trip with Copeland was a couple of family members.

"My mom, grandmother and her boyfriend went with me," said Copeland. "My mom's never really got a chance to see Michigan State before. But she loved it. My grandmother went up with me to the Youngstown State game.

"But my mom got some time with Coach Dantonio as she rode over to the stadium with him and they talked. She said she really liked Coach D and the university.

Like most official visits, Copeland was overwhelmed by the amount of food.

"I ate a lot as we had good meals, snacks, breakfast and the pizza was good," explained Copeland. "I spent most of my time with Coach (Harlon) Barnett on my visit. But I did get to chat with Coach Dantonio a lot and spoke with him before I left on Sunday morning at the breakfast table.

"He just reminded me to be a positive influence to young people back home and said you always want to give back."

Looking back at his recruitment, Copeland knows great things are ahead of him if he continues doing the work that got him here.

"Everything has been a blessing," he said. "Just coming from where I come from and being one of those who actually make it out of the city and not just talking about it is awesome. Now I've got to make an opportunity work. I can probably write a book about it someday.

"I've just tried to stay very humble and feel very blessed and thankful for all the people who came along with this journey. This is not an ending; it's just another step of the journey."

During his stay, Copeland got a chance to bond with a couple of commitments and one big recruiting target he hopes will join him in East Lansing.

"I bonded well with Jalen Watts-Jackson and Daniel Cage," explained Copeland. "I also hung out a lot with Robert Bowers most of the time.

"But I talked with Daniel Cage a lot and meeting him face-to-face and without a helmet was great. We talked a lot and I basically told him I wasn't telling him to come to Michigan State. However, I did believe that Michigan State was the place to get it done especially with the defense and everything being great. I told him he would be a great asset as a defensive tackle and that he would be good for the program."

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