Final Evaluation: Enoch Smith Jr.

Just days away from National Signing Day, Spartan Digest gives our final evaluations on the members of the 2014 Michigan State recruiting class. This is not a star ranking, but a look at a prospects overall physical ability and on field ability. We continue with defensive lineman Enoch Smith Jr.

The secret to the success Michigan State has enjoyed since Mark Dantonio took over the Spartans football programs has been finding athletes who fit their style of play and by developing players who have yet to reach their full potential.

In our final evaluation series, we look at more than just highlight film as we evaluate athletic ability and future potential.

We work on a 1-to-5 scale in each area with five being the highest grade a prospect can receive.


Prospect needs major work in area: = 1
Prospect rough on the edges in area: = 2
Prospect is where he should be in area: = 3
Prospect shows major promise in area: = 4
Prospect is above average in area: = 5


Enoch Smith Jr., brings the average height of most defensive tackles at a listed 6-foot-2. While listed at 265-pounds, his frame will have no problem adding the weight needed to compete at the next level. Has the speed to go down the line and make a play. Grade: 3


This is where we see the greatest strength in his game. More quick than fast, Smith is explosive out of his stance and shows the ability to keep his balance once he engages with an offensive lineman. Grade: 5


Bring solid physical strength to the field already, however, once he gets in a college strength program and learns more technique, look for a player who will be more explosive and capable of combining his flexibility to generate power with recoil from his lower body through his legs and hips. Grade: 4


Smith is the type of player Michigan State has done a great job of developing into top line players. Technique work is needed as Smith at times gets too high out of his stance, but his ability to fire off the ball and using his brute strength will allow him to move from the outside to inside at MSU. Grade: 4

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