Final Evaluation: David Hedelin

National Signing Day is here and Spartan Digest gives our final evaluations on the members of the 2014 Michigan State recruiting class. This is not a star ranking, but a look at a prospects overall physical ability and on field ability.

The secret to the success Michigan State has enjoyed since Mark Dantonio took over the Spartans football programs has been finding athletes who fit their style of play and by developing players who have yet to reach their full potential.

In our final evaluation series, we look at more than just highlight film as we evaluate athletic ability and future potential.

We work on a 1-to-5 scale in each area with five being the highest grade a prospect can receive.


Prospect needs major work in area: = 1
Prospect rough on the edges in area: = 2
Prospect is where he should be in area: = 3
Prospect shows major promise in area: = 4
Prospect is above average in area: = 5


Built with great physical size, David Hedelin is the type of prospect that will have a chance to grow into a major talent. All three areas are covered by the native of Stockholm, Sweden. Grade: 4


After coming to the states as a tight end, Hedelin saw his future was as an offensive tackle and quickly showed the base to be a high level one with his great balance and foot quickness. The agility is there to be a solid edge player in college. Grade: 4


Ready to come in and compete right away, Hedelin is a natural bender who can explode from his legs and drive. Great recoil in the lower body combined with his brute physical strength makes Hedelin explosive coming out of his stance once he learns more technique. Grade: 4


As we've stated on our members only message boards, there is a chance Hedelin does not end up in the Spartans 2014 class because of his play on a club team in Sweden. Early questions about getting an English credit seem to be filled and if he can get pass the NCAA, Michigan State will have a prospect that has a chance to grow into a very good offensive tackle with a possible NFL future. Raw in his technique, Hedelin could use another year of seasoning before reaching his potential. Grade: 4

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