Final Evaluation: Craig Evans

National Signing Day is here and Spartan Digest gives our final evaluations on the members of the 2014 Michigan State recruiting class. This is not a star ranking, but a look at a prospects overall physical ability and on field ability.

The secret to the success Michigan State has enjoyed since Mark Dantonio took over the Spartans football programs has been finding athletes who fit their style of play and by developing players who have yet to reach their full potential.

In our final evaluation series, we look at more than just highlight film as we evaluate athletic ability and future potential.

We work on a 1-to-5 scale in each area with five being the highest grade a prospect can receive.


Prospect needs major work in area: = 1
Prospect rough on the edges in area: = 2
Prospect is where he should be in area: = 3
Prospect shows major promise in area: = 4
Prospect is above average in area: = 5


After a summer where Craig Evans showed he was fully capable of being a major talent, the Wisconsin native's ability to combine his compact frame with weight in the 300-pound range made him a high level prospect that can become a major force in the middle of a defense. While not the perfect frame, Evans brings almost freakish physical skills to the field. Grade: 3


Evans major strength is in this area as he's a wide body with surprising quickness and the balance and agility to shed blockers and disrupt an offense. Grade: 4


Evans is a natural bender who does a great job of using his unique physical skills to be an explosive player on the field. Built with brute strength and explosive recoil power in the lower body, Evans has the ability to be a major playmaker in the middle of any defense. Grade: 4


The biggest question many have will be if Evans gets on the field as some have stated he might come up short on the academic side of things. However, all the skills are there for Evans to be the next great defensive tackle the Spartans have lacked since the departure of Jerel Worthy a couple of seasons ago. If he can continue the progress he showed between his junior and senior years, Evans will be capable of anchoring the middle of the Spartans defense taking on double teams as well as putting pressure on quarterbacks. Grade: 4

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