Appling not expected back this week

Senior point guard has missed past two games and is "day to day" with a wrist injury. Michigan State coach Tom Izzo talks Appling's status and Branden Dawson's.

Keith Appling is day to day, but the Michigan State point guard isn't expect to play or practice this week.

The senior has missed the past two games with a right wrist injury and coach Tom Izzo isn't expecting to have him back in the coming days.

"Tomorrow he could be better because there seems to be nothing structurally wrong, but I'm not expecting him to play this week right now," Izzo said.

Izzo said Appling has a little movement in his wrist and from what doctors have told him the wrist is worse now than when he was playing.

"I have respect for Keith and how he's handled it," Izzo said. "He's played a little hurt, (but) where it got bad enough where he couldn't do the things he wanted to do or he thought it was really affecting him, he made that known.

"Even now if you see him on the bench he looks dead. I mean he's bummed out."

Appling hadn't missed a game in his career until he was on the bench when the Spartans played Penn State on Thursday – and Izzo said he counted up more than 450 practices in a row without missing one.

"Nobody wants to play more than Appling, to be very blunt and honest about it," he said. "The bottom line is if I get him back in the next week or two and we keep everybody healthy, I think this team has a chance to be damn good. I mean really good. We'll find out."

The Spartans also are without forward Branden Dawson at present with a broken right hand. Izzo said the junior should be getting pins out of his hand around February 20.

He expects Dawson to bounce back quickly, based on his recover from ACL surgery after his freshman season.

"If I'm a betting man, I would say he is going to come back as quick as any man as quick as any man in the country," Izzo said.

In his absence since breaking his hand on Jan. 23, Izzo said he had been so proud of Dawson.

"My strength coach came up to me and said I should go down there and hug Dawson, and I said ‘Why?,' and he said he is working his tail off in his conditioning and he's been really good on the bench," Izzo said. "I said the day it happened or the day after, I think this could be a turning point for Branden Dawson, I really do, and we're going to make a negative into a positive.

"He is on track, but there will be nothing in the next week and a half for sure."

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