Q&A with Malik McDowell

There has been a lot said about Michigan State star pledge Malik McDowell since he announced he would be a Spartan. Sunday, we caught up with the five-star defensive end in Cincinnati, Ohio at the Core 6 Combine.

There has been a lot of talk about Southfield (Mich.) High School defensive end Malik McDowell since he announced his intentions to play for Mark Dantonio and the Michigan State Spartans.

Sunday, McDowell traveled with many of his friends and former teammates to show his support as they embark on the recruiting journey he's working to finish.

The following is our question and answer session we enjoyed with the unsigned five-star defensive end.

Why did you come to Cincinnati today for the Core 6 Combine?

McDowell: I have a lot of teammates here, most of these kids are my friends and a lot of juniors from my school. So I wasn't doing anything this weekend and wanted to come down and support them.

You were one of those guys whose name was out there a lot during the recruiting process but kind of kept a lower profile. Towards the end, a lot of pressure was pointed your way, how have you handled the pressure?

McDowell: I haven't paid much attention to that stuff. I don't really look myself up that much so I don't really see much of what is said.

You announced for Michigan State on Signing Day, where do you stand with Michigan State?

McDowell: Michigan State!

There are reports you are going to take some visits, where would you visit?

McDowell: I'm not!

What was it about Michigan State that sold you?

McDowell: Just the coaching staff and the players and the environment of the school.

You had the chance to go up there a lot of times. What made you feel the most comfortable being there?

McDowell: Being around the players made me feel real comfortable, just being on campus, because it's the kind of campus I like.

Talk about what you hope your future as a college football player will be as far as position and what you feel you will grow in to.

McDowell: I don't technically know, I just know I'm going to be a good player whatever I do.

Michigan State earned that commitment, talk about what they did as far as handling your recruitment and what was great about it?

McDowell: They were real steady in how they recruited me and how they talked with me. They never changed up and I just like the coaching staff a lot.

Talk about Coach Dantonio and what type of relationship you've been able to build with him?

McDowell: Really good relationship. We talk a lot and he's just a real good dude.

How have they handled this set back in where you stand as far as communications with you.

McDowell: They handling it well just trying to get in touch with my family every now and then and talk to them about it. That's about it.

Talk about when you look back what was the hardest part of the recruiting process?

McDowell: The constant calls, that is why I don't answer my phone a lot.

What would you change if you were going through this process again after learning all the things you've learned?

McDowell: I would have been more direct with coaches in how I felt.

Talk about your goals outside of football.

McDowell: I think I want to be a strength coach or go into pharmaceuticals sales. Pharmaceuticals sales sounds like a real good job and being a strength coach so I could stay in football and help players out and train NFL players after I'm done.

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