Trice, McCabe involved in kerfuffle

Michigan State's Travis Trice and Iowa's Zach McCabe got tangled up in the second half on an inbounds place, which resulted in fouls and Russell Byrd being ejected. Trice talks the play and Iowa coach Fran McCaffery chimes in.

Michigan State and Iowa are known for physical, smashmouth football games, but that toughness came to the basketball court Thursday night.

The physicality reached a peak when Michigan State's Travis Trice and Iowa's Zach McCabe got tangled up on an inbounds play and McCabe tossed Trice to the floor.

Trice said he didn't really know how it happened after he broke to get open on the inbounds play.

"We were locked up and I had my arm straight up and I saw the ref looking at us and I was just standing there and then he slammed me or whatever," Trice said.

"But me being a follower of Jesus Christ what we are told to do is forgive, so I forgave him and I wish him the best of luck with the rest of his career and his season."

McCabe and Trice each were assessed a foul, with McCabe also drawing a technical, which served as his fifth foul and he fouled out.

Spartans forward Branden Dawson was the first to get back down the court to Trice's aid. But the sequence became even more interesting when the referees ejected Spartans guard Russell Byrd for leaving the bench to Trice's aid.

"I appreciated it and that just shows how much we really care about each other as a team," Trice said. "If one of us goes down, you've got two guys running over there for you. That means a lot."

McCabe left the floor prior to the end of the game, a decision Iowa coach Fran McCaffery made to avoid any potential further issues.

"It just makes no sense," he said. "Just go to the locker room, it's over, no big deal. Now all of the sudden, a spark can become a forest fire and we don't need that. I think everybody was settled down, I don't think it would have been any issue, but why risk it."

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