Drummond confident after spring game draft

Captain of White team likes his chances; Jalyn Powell taken as first safety for the biggest surprise of the draft.

To say Michigan State senior safety Kurtis Drummond was confident in the team he and fellow senior Travis Jackson drafted in Wednesday's spring game draft would be an understatement.

"I don't see my defense giving up many points so I will go out on a limb and say in a shutout," he said. "I will give our offense a lot of credit. We got Connor Cook and some explosive receivers, a good line. …

"I'll go out on a limb and say we are putting up 45, 46 points."

The leaders of the White team in Saturday's spring game expect to take the win and the steak dinner that comes with it.

"I probably am going to get my steak medium well this year," Drummond said.

"I'll take care of the sides for the guys," Jackson added. "We're going to eating well after this game."

Green team captain Tony Lippett shot down the prediction, saying "Kurtis don't believe that."

Lippett, joined on the Green team by seniors Taiwan Jones, Jeremy Langford and Keith Mumphery among others, offered a more competitive score of 31-14 as his prediction.

The spring game draft, which allows the Michigan State seniors to draft underclassmen position by position, led off with Connor Cook going No. 1 to the White team, led by Drummond, Jackson, Marcus Rush and Nick Hill.

Green countered with Tyler O'Connor and coach Mark Dantonio said he Damion Terry will spend a half playing for each team, starting with the White then the Green.

"We took O'Connor because we felt like he's more experienced," Jones said. "With a senior wide receivers, we felt like he would be the best pick to getting him the ball."

The Green team had the first pick in each of the next two rounds, snagging cornerback Trae Waynes and defensive end Shilique Calhoun. Darian Hicks and Demetrius Cooper went second at each position, respectively.

The White team picked up left tackle Jack Conklin as a response to the Calhoun pick in the fourth round, Jackson said.

"Me and Kurtis have had several meetings in the past months so we've been planning this game together and really talking about it," he said. "We knew they were probably going to take Shilique if we got the first pick, so we knew we had to get Conklin and landing (Kodi) Kieler is going to be huge."

Two rounds later, the Green team brought likely the biggest surprise of the draft, taking redshirt freshman safety Jalyn Powell as the first overall at his position.

Lippett said he was the choice over more seasoned players R.J. Williamson and Demetrious Cox for his aggressiveness, while Jones added Powell has been flying to the ball all spring.

"He plays hard, he plays fast, he makes plays," Lippett said. "He always plays with a chip on his shoulder no matter what so wanted him on our team."

For his part, Drummond was more than happy to pick up Williamson to line up next to him.

"Jalyn's a good player, but I love to be playing next to R.J., a guy with experience who can make plays on the ball." he said. "They will understand why they missed him."

Wide receivers were picked No. 8 with junior Aaron Burbridge selected first by the White team and being followed by R.J. Shelton to the Green and DeAnthony Arnett to the White.

Redshirt freshman Jon Reschke was the first linebacker picked in the tenth round by the White team, likely due to the fact he is the backup at the middle linebacker spot and the Green team having Jones holding that spot.

The final position picked was tight end and the Green team took Jamal Lyles ahead of Josiah Price, the pair that has been splitting No. 1 reps this spring.

Draft order

First position: Quarterback

Green: Connor Cook

White: Tyler O'Connor

White/Green: Damion Terry

Green: Tommy Vento

White: Paul Andrie

Second position: Cornerback

Green: Trae Waynes

White: Darian Hicks

Green: Ezra Robinson

White: Jermaine Edmondson

Green: Justin Williams

White: Gabe Augustin

Third position: Defensive end

Green: Shilique Calhoun

White: Demetrius Cooper

Green: Lawrence Thomas

White: Evan Jones

Green: Tyler Toplonski

Fourth position: Offensive tackle

White: Jack Conklin

Green: Donavon Clark

White: Kodi Kieler

Green: Dennis Finley

Fifth position: Center/guard

Green: Jack Allen

White: Benny McGowan

Green: Devyn Salmon

Sixth position: Defensive tackle

White: Joel Heath

Green: Damon Knox

White: Brandon Clemons

Green: Noah Jones

White: David Fennell

Seventh position: Jalyn Powell

Green: Jalyn Powell

White: R J Williamson

Green: Demetrious Cox

White: Zach Leimbach

Green: Chris Laneaux

Green: Trevon Pendleton

White: Dylan Chmura

Tenth position: Linebacker

White: Jon Reschke

Green: Darien Harris

White: Riley Bullough

Green: Chris Frey

White: Sean Harrington

Green: Shane Jones

White: Michael Topolinksi

Green: Peter DePorre

Eleventh position: Specialists

Green: Michael Geiger

White: Kevin Cronin

Green: Taybor Pepper

White: Leland Ewing

Twelfth position: Tailbacks

White: Gerald Holmes

Green: Nick Tompkins

White: Phillip-Michael Williams

Thirteenth position: Tight ends

Green: Jamal Lyles

White: Josiah Price

Green: Paul Lang

White: Matt Sokol

Injured selections

White: Delton Williams

Green: Matt Macksood

White: A.J. Troup

Green: Pat Rhomberg

White: Mark Meyers

Green: Zach Higgins

White: Arjen Colquhoun

Green: Ed Davis

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