Oseland "hyped" about netting Spartans offer

Illinois offensive tackle adds Michigan State to the mix on Tuesday. He talks with SpartanDigest about the offer, a possible visit and more.

The Rose Bowl long has been the aspiration of Big Ten teams, so naturally that carries down to high school football players growing up in Big Ten country.

So when the Rose Bowl champions from Michigan State offered Quinn Oseland on Tuesday, he was pretty excited about it.

"It's a big time team that won the Big Ten Championship, the Rose Bowl and I'm a Midwest kid, so I was pretty hyped about it," he said.

The Springfield (Ill.) Sacred Heart Griffin offensive tackle learned of the offer from the Spartans when his lineman coach called him after contact with MSU wide receiver coach Terry Samuel.

"He told them and I called him after school and he confirmed it," Oseland said. "I have to get ahold of Coach (Mark) Staten still and talk it over with him and eventually I'm going to get on the phone with Coach (Mark) Dantonio."

Previously, the 6-foot-6, 300-pound rising senior said he had a good amount of contact with Michigan State. He still thought it would take camping in East Lansing this summer to earn an offer, though, but Tuesday proved that wrong.

"Coach Staten came into my school in the winter in either February or March and then I've being hearing a little bit back and forth from Coach Samuel," he said. "Then I found out today they were going to offer. I really thought they wanted me to camp, but then they went ahead and offered me."

He no longer plans to camp at Michigan State, but hopes to visit soon.

"I definitely want to get up there and check it out," he said.

He also hopes to hit the road like he did last summer, but instead of a big camp circuit, wants to take visits.

"I am going to try and get out to see as many places as I can," he said. "Definitely Michigan State and probably Louisville.

"I don't have anything planned right now but there is a long list of schools I want to get out and see because my options are still wide open. I will let time tell and see what feels right."

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