Listermann Ready For Return Visit To MSU

This weekend will find Cincinnati (Ohio) Winton Woods offensive tackle Noah Listermann back on the Michigan State campus. Spartan Digest caught up with Listermann about his return.

There has never been any mistaking the interest Noah Listermann has had with Michigan State. Even before the Spartans offered, Listermann saw several things about the Spartans he liked and waited for an offer.

This weekend, Listermann will return to East Lansing for an extended stay to learn more about being a Spartan.

"I'm going up to Michigan State on Saturday and really excited to get a chance to hang out with some of the players," said Listermann. "I had a chance to meet several of them at a practice, but they were practicing and it wasn't like I was able to hang out with them. So I'm really excited and I'm happy to be going back up there as I like it there."

While the 6-foot-7, 293-pound lineman is also looking to learn more about MSU off the field.

"I have seen just about everything there is to see about Michigan State," he said. "But I want to be a physical therapist, so I want to talk with one of their academic advisors to learn more about my major and see what the plan would be to achieve my goal."

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