Impact: Noah Listermann

Michigan State picked up its fourth commitment for 2015 on Sunday, but what did it do for MSU? We take a look at why Listermann's commitment is important -- as he picked an MSU offer over an OSU offer, among other reasons.

Michigan State nabbed a big commitment Sunday, as it pulled offensive tackle Noah Listermann from Cincinnati Winton Woods.

Where this commitment starts off as big is the Spartans are taking kids from another Cincinnati area high school. Moeller has been good to the Spartans, who also have wide receiver Trey Kilgore from St. Xavier on the roster, but the Spartans have offered some players (like Notre Dame signee Daniel Cage) from Winton Woods.

There is no denying the talent that comes out of Ohio high school football each year, so anytime the Spartans get someone like Listermann, it is a good pull.

Throw in the fact Listermann picked up an Ohio State offer last week and picked Michigan State still, it carries a huge weight for the Spartans as it is not common to have an Ohio product pick MSU over OSU.

The 6-foot-7, 270-pound Listermann is a raw player that the Spartans can work with, which is a perfect fit right now after the Spartans took four offensive linemen in the 2014 class, including three tackles.

He has only been playing football for a couple of years, so he is untapped potential with a huge frame.

He also joins Detroit King (Mich.) offensive tackle Kyonta Stallworth to make half of the current four commits offensive linemen. The pair gives the Spartans plenty of reasons to be excited about the future of the offensive line, especially with Jack Conklin entrenched at left tackle for the next three years and Kodi Kieler emerging at right tackle moving forward.

Listermann now gives MSU another candidate to take over at one of those spots down the road when Conklin and Kieler have graduated.

More so, with two tackles in the fold now, the Spartans can afford to be very selective heading into camp season with any offensive line offers going out.

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