Cornell back at MSU, one of his top schools

Minneapolis Cretin Derham defensive lineman explains why Michigan State is high on his list and a decision timeframe. Will the Spartans make his next cut?

After a stop for Michigan State's spring game in April, Jashon Cornell walked away with the Spartans as his No. 1 school.

While he no longer claims a top school – instead a top six – the Minneapolis Cretin Derham Hall defensive lineman holds the Spartans in high regard for a couple reasons.

The first: Defensive line coach Ron Burton, whom he will talk with again Saturday when he visits Michigan State.

"I love him," Cornell said. "He showed me pictures of all his family and told me what his sons do. He wants me to have a 3.4-3.5 GPA and be on the dean's list.

"He is a great D-line coach and he went through it. He knows how recruiting goes. He is just really normal. He isn't forcing anything."

In addition to Burton, another Spartan is working to keep MSU at the top of the top six, which includes Ohio State, Michigan, Notre Dame, Penn State and UCLA. Redshirt freshman Demetrius Cooper has been a friend of Cornell's for a few years now after meeting each other through Unsigned Preps, an organization that assists with recruiting and training.

"I got my man, Cooper," Cornell said. "I have known him since I was a freshman, so I've got him up there and he is recruiting me. I met him in the car when we stopped in Chicago on the way to Notre Dame and ever since then, we have been close."

Cornell pointed to the coaching staff and the academic side as the most important factors in his recruitment.

"I am going to double major in international business and sports marketing," he said.

He plans to cut down his list to three in July before committing on August 28.

So will Michigan State make that final three?

"Yeah, probably," he said.

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