Film Study: Grayson Miller

Taking a look at what one of the latest Michigan State commits brings to the table after he earned an offer at camp last week and promptly became a Spartan.

As part of the recent flurry of commitments, Michigan State picked one up right out of left field when Grayson Miller committed an hour after getting an offer at camp.

The Georgetown (Ky.) Scott athlete excelled at camp and earned an offer accordingly. We take a look at what to like about Miller on film:

The good: Miller is the epitome of flashing on film. He just jumps off the screen on both sides of the ball with his explosiveness and play making ability.

The most striking thing about Miller is that he is a big kid at 6-foot-3, but shows the ability to get out and cover as a cornerback. He can run downfield step for step and has great ball skills. Those ball skills are best shown at safety, though, which is his primary defensive position. He displays good instincts in open space, reading the quarterback and then finishing the play with good athleticism.

He does not often play close to the line, but he could wind up as a linebacker at Michigan State. The only question will be what weight he will play at. If it is near 225, he will be a safety. If it is more like 200-205, he could be a good safety.

He also plays wide receiver and is an oft-utilized red zone threat as a big target who can go up and make a play on the ball.

The bad: Miller's speed is best shown in a straight line. He is not as quick going laterally or in his change of direction. He can cover a little bit, as shown in his film, but turning his hips to run down field are not his strong suit. In Michigan State's coverage schemes, he would be just fine as a safety in Cover 4 situations.

As much as getting an "athlete" is great because he brings so much as a football player, Miller is a hard one to gauge on where he might play. It will come down to his weight, as mentioned previously, but that will come back to where the Spartans want him to play as much as anything.

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