Butler talks Spartans' camp

Lakewood (Ohio) St Edward junior camped in East Lansing and is ready for the next step as he moves up to play varsity this season on a loaded roster.

Lakewood (Ohio) St. Edward is primed to be loaded this season – and the offense looks like it will be set for big plays.

With Notre Dame commit Shaun Crawford, Northwestern commit David Dowell and Kentucky commit Alex Stump out wide, as junior Tony Butler joins the fold moving up to varsity, it figures to be an explosive wide receiver corps for St Eds.

“I am excited to play with like eight D-1 players,” he said. “We have all this hype and a lot of teams think we are overrated, so I am really excited to just go out there and have fun.”

Butler also will play defensive back, joining Crawford and Dowell there as well, which is where he worked out at Michigan State at camp this summer.

”I got coached by one of the best coaches in the country, which was great," he said. "I played corner and a little bit of safety and got coached up a little bit.”

It was a bit of a surprise for Butler, as he was not sure what position he would be working out at that day, but said it was not a hard transition to make as he knows the spot already.

Working with secondary coach Harlon Barnett and current Michigan State players made the experience even better and worthwhile.

”He coached me up a lot even through one on ones and telling me what I should do with things like pad level and all that,” he said. “The players, they made it very easy for me because I could relate to them more because they were experienced actually doing it. It taught me a lot.”

The Spartans told Butler they see plenty to like in his skill set, specifically his size at 6-foot-2, 190 pounds.

“They like my size and length and the ability to learn and catch on fast to things,” he said. “They seem to like my ability to go to work everyday and they saw it in me and my work ethic and I am going to continue to do it.”

He got similar comments after his other two camps this summer at Ohio State and Tennessee.

“It was kind of the same thing,” he said. “Mostly, I need film because I didn’t play varsity last year a lot, so I need a lot of film.

”They liked what I bring to the table just like Michigan State with size, speed and going hard. I want coaches to know I want to go hard and want to go 100 percent every single time.”

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