Hill: "It's a glimpse of what's to come"

MSU senior running back matches his career touchdown total in the second quarter alone Friday and says it just the start for his senior season.

In one quarter Friday night, Michigan State running back Nick Hill did what it previously took him three seasons to accomplish.

The senior had two touchdowns in the second quarter of the Spartans’ 45-7 win Friday night – matching his career total.

It might have surprised some, but it is the kind of performance Hill has been expecting.

”It’s a glimpse of what’s to come,” Hill said. “You gotta have confidence in yourself. If you don’t have confidence in yourself nobody else will.”

Hill saw extra time Friday after senior Jeremy Langford was helped off the field and did not return. He made the most of it in the second quarter with his first score.

With the Spartans on the 17-yard line, Hill took the handoff, made one defender miss, spun off an attempted tackle by another and juked his way into the end zone.

“When I scored, I saw a couple offensive linemen coming at me, I went to jump up to celebrate with them and they kind of ran me over,” Hill said.

“That’s a play you dream of. You dream of making a lot of juke moves, scoring.”

He followed it up with an 8-yard run on which he got to the corner and dove for the pylon, stretching the ball out for his second touchdown. He finished with 49 yards on 11 carries.

Hill credits his hard work and weight loss to the improvements to his game this year.

“I wanted to make sure I was more elusive this year than compared to last year,” he said. “Last year the talk was me putting on weight, got up to 200 pounds last year. I’m down to 188 right now. So I wanted to make sure I was more elusive, quicker, faster and I think that the hard work I put on this past season showed tonight.”

While Hill is a fifth-year senior, he believes that the experience he has gained throughout all of his years at Michigan State has allowed him to improve immensely.

“When you come in, the game is a lot faster. You’re trying to concentrate making sure you know the play,” Hill said. “Being a fifth year senior, to me, the game has slowed down so much that I don’t even have to memorize the play.

”They say the play, I know it. Now I’m reading the defense trying to see what they’re going to do. I remember from film, they had this guy shift down, that guy shifts down. I think having experience and the years and wisdom over the years helps any player. Everything slows down and being able to make quick decisions.”

Now, he hopes to build on the momentum he started with the first game of his senior year.

I think it puts me in a good situation going into the next game,” he said. “I think that coming in, it’s my senior year, I want to make sure I have the best year possible. Coach D always talks about, in order for us to be a good team the seniors need to have their best year and I felt that this past spring and this past fall camp I did my best.

”I wanted it to carry it over to this game and having the big game that I did tonight is definitely a confidence booster for myself and also the coaches with me.”

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