Cook upset about "cheap shot"

Michigan State quarterback sure shot at his knee was intentional on Friday night in the first quarter. He is just thankful it wasn't worse.

Michigan State got a big injury scare early in its season opener last Friday against Jacksonville State when Connor Cook went down.

On Tuesday, the Spartans quarterback still was ticked off about the late hit to his left knee that caused him to be helped off the field.

”You know the ball was clearly out of my hands and then next thing I know I’m getting hit and my knees are getting taken out,” he said. “So obviously it was a late hit. You know, I’ve never seen someone do a late hit at the knees.

”So obviously it was a cheap shot, it was intentional and it was just something you shouldn’t do on a football field.”

Cook came back on for the Spartans’ next drive and did not miss a play. He finished with 285 yards on 12 of 13 passing with three touchdowns.

He said the knee brace he wears on his left knee definitely helped keep him from injury. It is a brace he has always worn during his Michigan State career.

”I don’t know a day that I haven’t worn it,” he said. “I think it was just me trying to wear it for precautionary reasons and then it turns out pretty well.”

When he woke up Saturday morning, he said he was surprised that his knee was not more sore.

”I’m just so thankful it wasn’t worse,” he said. ”Just a bruise and a little swelling, that was it. Everything else is fine, everything else is great.”

In Tuesday’s practice, he said he was full go and that his knee feels 100 percent.

“Running around full speed, cutting, planting, everything,” he said.

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