Narduzzi: "Heat won't be a factor"

Michigan State preparing for high temperatures in Eugene this weekend with extra conditioning and focusing on having a rotation and substituting.

When Michigan State concluded practice Tuesday, it did so in its indoor facility with the heat turned up high.

With extra conditioning in the extra heat, the Spartans are bracing for expected high temperatures in the mid-90s in Oregon this Saturday.

Fortunately, defensive coordinator Pat Narduzzi noted both teams have to deal with the warm temperatures.

”You guys probably felt the indoor yesterday afternoon, so we’re preparing for that,” he said. “It’s a mental thing. Our guys will be playing the game, heat won’t be a factor.”

One of the ways the Spartans plan to make heat not a factor – beyond extra conditioning in warmer temperatures – will be making sure to substitute players and rotate well.

Coach Mark Dantonio said in any game it is important to play a lot of players, but that might take on more importance with the way Oregon runs its offense.

”That's been our trend because it's a no-huddle type system, so you've got to be able to substitute, get your guys on and off, and you've got to play a lot of players,” he said. “We'll be ready to play; we'll be conditioned for it. There's certainly things that obviously everyone has to do between hydration and things of that nature. “

That rotation and substitution will be especially important in the trenches, as the Spartans look to keep linemen fresh. Co-offensive coordinator Jim Bollman said it will be a wait-and-see what the weather is like at game time, but it will be helpful to rotate.

”Having gone through that in the past it can be a very helpful thing to get a couple guys out of there for a couple series and you have to have the right chances in the game to do that and feel like you gotta be ready to do it,” Bollman said.

“Certainly something we’re thinking about."

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