Kamara eying visit back to East Lansing

Richmond (Va.) Hermitage junior defensive tackle had a good showing at camp at MSU this summer, now wants to get back for a visit this fall. He talks Michigan State and schools he has been hearing from lately.

When Sulaiman Kamara came up to Michigan State for camp this summer, it came with a little extra attention and it made for a good experience.

The Richmond (Va.) Hermitage defensive tackle pointed to the coaches as a reason why.

“I really enjoyed it and I felt like things went great,” Kamara said. “The coaches really took their time to show me and my boy (Hermitage wide receiver) Sylvester Mayers took their time out to show us around and pay a lot of attention to us.

”I felt like that was big and I felt like that separated things from everyone else. It was a really good experience.”

He also felt like he showed what he can bring to a team while he was in East Lansing.

“My effort, quickness, strength and my motor,” he said. “Never stopping and keep going. That’s the biggest thing I can bring a team is the motor. I’m always hustling and always going and never stop chasing the play.”

The 6-foot-2, 286-pound Kamara is being recruited by Michigan State coach Ron Burton, who not only recruits Virginia but also coaches the defensive line.

”He is a great guy,” Kamara said. “He is down to earth and he knows what he is talking about and is willing to work with anybody and will get you better.

”If there is potential in you, he will bring it out.”

Kamara also noted that he has a good relationship with Burton, something that stems from Burton hailing from Highland Springs, Va.

”We make jokes here and there,” he said. “He is from around here himself so we can relate on that back from when he went to Highland Springs. He can relate to a lot of things.”

The junior holds early offers from the likes of Duke, North Carolina and Wake Forest, but has seen interest growing lately.

“I have been hearing from a lot of people lately. Miami, Florida State, Cincinnati, Boston College, South Carolina, Virginia Tech, UVa, Arizona and Arizona State,” he said.

He hopes to get out and visit many of those schools this fall and see games at some.

“I am trying to get back to Maryland and I am trying to get to Michigan State, Clemson, back down to Duke,” he said. “I just went to UNC last Saturday and I am trying to get to Wake Forest, too.”

When it comes to Michigan State and making a visit, he and Mayers have a game in mind.

“Me and Sylvester we are trying to come up to the Michigan State and Michigan game,” he said. “That is the big game we want to come to because we know it is going to be very exciting. We want to see that game.”

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