Five Takeaways: Wyoming Edition

Taking a look at the five things to take from Michigan State's big win against Wyoming on Saturday, as the offense showed it can light up the scoreboard yet again.

1. Is Montae Nicholson starting to push more at safety?

Nicholson has been billed up for being a great player and a freak athlete already around Michigan State and he has seen more and more time lately. This week, it came somewhat at the expense of R.J. Williamson after his second missed tackle early. Nicholson is young, which likely will keep him form being a starter right now, but he is making a case as Williamson has had some struggles at times this season.

2. Michigan State’s running game is content with lateral speed in the mix

Michigan State started to run a lot more jet sweeps last week and continued doing so this week, as four different receivers got the ball on run plays. Keith Mumphery took a 33-yard run to the house on one. It is a more diverse element of the Michigan State offense, as R.J. Shelton and MacGarrett Kings both were used in a variety of ways, lining up in the backfield for a couple run plays.

3. Weapons upon weapons.

The wide receivers running fits in this category a little bit, but it also is the reality that Michigan State seems to have too many offensive weapons at its disposal. A guy like Keith Mumphery has two touchdowns in Saturday’s win, but is not seen that much in the offense. Aaron Burbridge still is waiting to breakout, it seems, while the same could be said for Jamal Lyles. In the backfield, Jeremy Langford is the workhorse, but Nick Hill is proving a reliable backup and Delton Williams is bring the big, power running to the game. It is certainly not a bad problem to have.

4. Cracks in the defense?

Michigan State’s defense is built on stopping almost everything and taking the risk of giving up big plays. Last year did not see too many big plays, but the Spartans have allowed a handful this year and that was the case Saturday as a pair of long passes and a long run helped Wyoming. It does not look like anything to worry about for the Spartans, but it should be interesting to watch how they respond to facing a tough Nebraska offense that features a stud in Ameer Abdullah.

5. The offense can pick up the slack

While the defense has had its momentary issues thus far this season, the offense has shown it can more than make up for those with its explosive, big-play ability. Certainly better defenses await and this point does not hold true for MSU’s loss to Oregon, but it seems the offense is more than capable of putting up enough points to beat anyone.

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