Stanton: Four QBs in NFL a testament to MSU

Arizona Cardinals quarterback serves as honorary captain for homecoming game Saturday

Michigan State has had a lot of success with quarterbacks in the NFL in recent weeks – making many headlines in the process.

Former Spartan and current Arizona Cardinals quarterback Drew Stanton, one the four quarterbacks to wear the green and white currently playing in the NFL, was the honorary captain for Michigan State’s homecoming game against Wyoming on Saturday.

He is one of four former Michigan State quarterbacks starting, along with Brian Hoyer, Kirk Cousins and Nick Foles for the Cleveland Browns, Washington Redskins and Philadelphia Eagles, respectively.

Stanton called it rare to see this much success at the quarterback position at the NFL level at the NFL level.

“I think that the biggest thing is luck,” he said. “Let's be honest; there aren't many times that you're going to get three guys. That's a span of 12 years if you wanted to compile it all the way, but 8-10 years realistically of guys that were here in this program that went on to the NFL.

“It's a testament not only to the type of individuals that were are, but also this university that helped raise us. We are where we are today because we went to school here.”

Stanton started the past two games and has led the Cardinals to two straight victories. He is 32 of 62 for 411 yards and two touchdowns, while not turning the ball over.

He has persevered throughout his professional career but said that he did everything he could to stick in the league.

“This is a job, this is what I do for a living now, so it would be an injustice not to do this for my team or for my family,” Stanton said. “Usually, if you go four years between starts, you aren't in the NFL and if you do get that chance and you don't have success, they're going to find somebody to replace you.

“That's how this league works. They're always trying to find someone to replace you. I'm aware of that. I'm cognizant of that. At the same time, I'm not giving up my job that easily.”

Stanton addressed the team prior to the game against Wyoming. He told them that there were two things that allowed him to get to where he is now.

“Your attitude and your effort,” he said. “That will take you much further than anything else, if you approach every day and just worry about the stuff you have control over.

“I just told them not to take a single second for granted. Obviously, being an older guy, that's easier to say. We all share that common bond of being a Spartan. That's something that will never be broken.”

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