Harris looking ahead after big pick-six

Michigan State linebacker got the attention and fan fare, but now wants to make another play like it instead of living on one play -- one that he says does not define his career nor this season

It had been a few years since Michigan State linebacker Darien Harris had a pick-six to his name. Still, there was a similarity between the last time and his game-sealing play at Purdue.

“It kind of reminded me, ironically, of my junior year of high school, which was my first touchdown on the same kind of pick-six,” Harris said of his 15-yard pick-six. “It was just a matter of fact that my first touchdown was as a junior (at Michigan State) on a pick-six and it was the exact same as in high school.

”It’s funny how those things tend to happen.”

That was about where the similarities ended, as he said the return in high school was more like 60 or 70 yards – long enough that he could not run in backward, as he probably could have in the 45-31 win against Purdue.

”I had to run on that one,” he said. “I had to outrun a quarterback.”

On Saturday against Purdue, Harris was just in the right place at the right time as quarterback Austin Appleby was pressured by Shilique Calhoun and Ed Davis, forcing the throw right into Harris’ awaiting hands.

He said he has only watched the play once, but that is not quite the case for his family.

”I sent it out to my family and sent it out to my grandmother so she could see it,” Harris said. “She said she got some calls on it, she was very happy for that.”

That has not stopped him from getting plenty of congratulations and attention, however, as he walked into class and got a lot of support Tuesday. Now, he is ready to put it behind him and look ahead to the next opportunity to make a play.

”My dad asked me if I had enough fan fare and I said absolutely, I’m done with it,” he said. “It’s one play. It doesn’t make my career. It doesn’t make this season.

"I’m just ready to get back out there and hopefully make many more like it.”

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