Listermann Enjoys Second Rivalry Visit

Saturday saw future Spartan offensive lineman Noah Listermann return to campus to see his second rivalry game against Michigan.

About a year ago Noah Listermann saw firsthand how intense the rivalry between Michigan State and Michigan could be.

Saturday, the future Spartans offensive lineman returned for his second rivalry game and got a chance to meet more of his future teammates in the process.

“The game was sweet,” said Listermann. “My first game at Michigan State was the Michigan game last year. Each time I go up there it gets more surreal and this time I got a chance to meet a lot of the other 2015 commits and get to know them more. So it was really cool getting the chance to meet the guys I’ll be playing with in the future.”

Having made a couple of visits this season, Listermann has gotten use to the normal recruiting game day visit.

“We did all the normal stuff like walking around and getting introduced to some of the educational staff and coaches,” he said. “So nothing really surprised me on this trip and I hope to get back up for the Ohio State game.”

With his senior season not going as planned, Listermann is looking to finish strong next Friday and then hope for some help to make a return appearance in the playoffs.

“I feel this whole year has been a rough one for us,” he said. “We’ve got to figure it out and win our final game Friday and see what happens as far as making the playoffs.”

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