SpartanDigest Mailbag: November 21

Answering your questions about Michigan State football, basketball and recruiting!

What are chances of Malik McDowell moving to DE next year? Also thought I read about Jamal Lyles moving back to defense. What are the chances?

I like McDowell at defensive tackle. I think at his size (6-foot-6, 286) he is pretty well suited for inside. If he were to move outside, he would need to shed a little bit of weight. His athleticism could work well at either spot. As for Lyles, he is a great athlete at the tight end position and has been underutilized to me this season – probably due to not being the best blocker. If MSU loses Calhoun, I think that would be a move that could happen.

Assuming Calhoun leaves for the NFL, who does your crystal ball show lining up as the starting defensive ends in 2015?

My guess would be Demetrious Cooper and Montez Sweat. Both would have to take strides, but it would be interesting to see how MSU chooses to do things. You could see moves from Lyles/McDowell, as mentioned above. Evan Jones would be in the mix as well, as could Lawrence Thomas.

Any status to length of time Alvin Ellis is out?

I do not believe there is a set timeframe on what he will miss.

Do you see fewer minutes for Bryn Forbes to heal his wrist leading up to B1G season?

If Ellis remains out and Javon Bess is out until mid-December, Michigan State can’t really afford to cut Forbes’ minutes too much. They need a legitimate two-guard on the court.

Wasn't there a walk-on basketball player from state of Michigan that potentially could add minutes to Spartans this season? If I'm remembering correctly, has he played in first two games or any news on him?

I assume you are referencing Kenny Goins, a walk on from Warren. He did play in the exhibitions, but I don’t think he is a player that will factor into plans for MSU this season unless there are some injury issues in the post.

Any other football recruits other than Tyriq Thompson planning on early enrollment to get the extra practices and workouts in the spring?

Thompson is the lone player expected by Michigan State to enroll early.

Trey Waynes' future in 2015? Being our defensive team captain or working in the NFL?

Waynes reportedly said he is not viewing this Saturday’s game as his final one. I don’t think he could be expected to say much else than that, as would anyone in his position (Connor Cook and Shilique Calhoun included). If he does indeed return, which it seems he would do, he will be a key defensive player again.

Ed Davis hasn't had much recognition. Has he been the team's overall best linebacker?

Pat Narduzzi was asked about Davis earlier this week and he did have high praise for Davis. I’m with you, I think Davis has been the most consistent player for the Spartans’ at linebacker. He is consistently making plays and doing good things for the MSU defense.

Is Riley Bullough going to be starting in 2015? If so, where?

This is something I have thought more about lately. Stuck behind Ed Davis right now, Bullough has been very good on third-down sets and playing in roles such as that. I do think he could factor into the middle linebacker spot next year with Jon Reschke, especially if Reschke’s undisclosed injury proves to be an issue moving forward.

Not to get too ahead here, but bowl season is right around the corner, so I am wondering, who would you like to see the Spartans matched up with? Are there any teams out there that pique your interest from a fan/journalist perspective?

To me, the best case for MSU and for the Big Ten is for MSU to be matched up with an SEC school like Auburn and have a chance to earn some respect and recognition for the program and the conference.

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