SpartanDigest Mailbag: November 28

Answering your questions about Michigan State football, basketball and recruiting!

Anything to read into Brian Cole's Twitter convo with a Spartan fan that MSU stopped recruiting him? Your thoughts?

Not much to read into there other than exactly what was said. Michigan State just went in other directions and had their reasons to feel that was the right move.

Is there an injury to Jon Reschke? If I recall correctly, it may have been hinted that he has an injury.

He has not been practicing has been the most “official” comment made about Reschke’s status. But given he has not been on the dress list in a while, safe to say there is an undisclosed injury.

Has Darian Hicks lost his starting spot at CB? Get the Tony Lippett start for senior day, but played a lot of minutes at CB and appeared that Demetrious Cox was next man in.

I thought the Lippett start was done as a senior day tribute, but it turns out it was anything but. He is there to help the position, which needs a boost. The Spartans are searching for consistency at the position. Hicks has shown he can play at times, but has struggled at others and it seems like his confidence is rattled. So, yes, it does look like Hicks has lost his spot for now, but he is going to have to factor into the plans next season.

Any update as to Travis Jackson injury? Is he expected to play this week?

No official word, but he will make the trip with the team. Probably going to be a gametime decision.

Any changes to position from freshman who are redshirting? Is David Beedle on offense or defense and same with Matt Morrissey?

Both are on defense, with Beedle at defensive tackle and Morrissey in the secondary, I believe. T.J. Harrell was working at running back recently, but that is about all that is known as far as true freshmen go.

Is Marvin Clark exceeding early expectations about as much as anyone you've seen ever? Wasn't Tom Izzo talking about redshirting Clark before Javon Bess got injured?

I don’t recall a specific comment that indicated Clark would redshirt, but I believe Izzo hinted at it saying he was kind of a question mark on what he could do at that time. I think it was a question of if he would catch onto everything quickly enough. Offensively, he certainly is making his mark. He still needs to work on defense and rebounding, but he has the frame and toughness to do so. He has the look of a steal so far in the recruiting class from 2014.

Why does Matt Costello have such a hard time finishing at the basket?

Good question. I have been impressed with how Gavin Schilling has been finishing at the basket this season and not so impressed with how Costello has done in that department. He needs to go up stronger would be the quick answer.

What do you see as the biggest obstacles for the basketball team this year once/if they get healthy? Will Bess' injuries have any potential lingering effects on his development this year?

I still question the inside play of Schilling/Costello, who are performing well enough mostly against lesser competition without the size. Once they play big teams with solid big men consistently, it will be interesting to see how things go. As far as Bess, it certainly did not help for him to lose the end of fall camp and the first couple months of the season.

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