MSU-focused week increases Turner's interest

Two coach visits and a trip to East Lansing give Mundelein (Ill.) Carmel plenty to see and he likes what the Spartans have to offer. He also picked up two new offers Wednesday.

It was a very Michigan State-centric week for Noah Turner.

The Mundelein (Ill.) Carmel junior tight end was visited by tight ends coach Jim Bollman last Thursday, took a visit to campus on Saturday and then was visited by offensive line coach Mark Staten on Monday.

”It was awesome,” he said. “This weekend, with them not playing any games, it was a lot more laid back and I talked to Coach Bollman for hours. We watched practice for a couple hours and then went to a basketball game and got to meet Coach D finally. Got to talk to coach Brad Salem, who is my area recruiter.

”It was a ton of fun and made me love Michigan State even more.”

With all the visits and attention, the 6-foot-3, 240-pound tight end said it all was a big indicator of the level of interest Michigan State must hold in him early.

“Definitely having Coach Bollman was definitely a huge indicator because being my position coach and he doesn’t even recruit my area, so to stop by and see me indicates they have a lot of interest in me,” he said. “It is what everyone has been telling me, Coach Staten, Coach Bollman and Coach Salem, they are all comparing me to Josiah Price, who is the starting tight end. I’ve got the same body type and same ability and everything. They said with that ability, I would be able to get on the field a lot faster.”

As for a potential offer, Saturday was good for continuing to build a relationship, he said. He also said he has an understanding that Michigan State likes to go through the recruiting process a little bit slower and more deliberately than other schools might.

”I can envision the offer with them but I think the just want to get to know me more as a person,” Turner said. “I’m not sure if it would be next week or in a couple months or what. It’s hard to determine, but I can definitely see an offer being in the near future.”

On Wednesday, Turner did see his offer list double as Bowling Green and Western Michigan joined Indiana and Illinois.

“It was surprising actually,” he said. “I showed up to school and got called down to my coaches office, walked in and Bowling Green was there and they said we like what you do, you’re a hard worker and we would like to offer you. Later in the day, Western Michigan coach said give this phone number and it is good news for you. It worked out nicely.”

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