SpartanDigest Mailbag: December 12

Answering your questions about Michigan State football, basketball and recruiting!

With Paul Chryst going to Wisconsin, does the Pat Narduzzi watch for Pitt begin and how concerned should we be?

As with any decent coaching job that opens up right now, there is a natural level of concern there regarding Narduzzi departing Michigan State. It seems like a good enough job to get his attention as well, but we will have to see what happens in the coming weeks regarding Narduzzi.

What are the big upcoming recruiting weekends before NSD?

I do not have a specific date for you, but the weekends will center in January around home basketball games. That is way things generally work in January around Michigan State.

Any known injuries of players who'll miss the Cotton Bowl?

Not that I know of at this time, but that is in part due to no media availability since the bowl game was announced.

How many scholarships do we have left and in order of commits who do you see committing?

Two to four is a reasonable expectation and the names have remained the same for a while with guys like Raequan Williams and Anthony McKee being at the forefront.

Are there any rumors around the program as to the reason that bad MSU inexplicably jumped three places to pass good MSU in the bowl-poll? Could it really have been orchestrated by Delany in order to get a B1G school into the Citrus Bowl and also get all ten bowl-eligible teams in a bowl?

The common belief – and it is a fair rationale – is Michigan State going to the Cotton Bowl helps the conference as a whole as it got all the bowl-eligible teams into bowl games. It definitely is a good thing for the Big Ten to get Illinois in a bowl game as it needs improvement from the lower-level teams – and most teams – to be taken seriously around the nation. Is Illinois likely to lose? Probably, but it helps the big picture. I do not think it is a fair view of the situation to say it is Jim Delaney screwing Michigan State. It is just wanting a better picture for the whole conference. In the case of Michigan State specifically, I do think it is better to play Baylor – win or lose.

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