Cowboys fan Harris elated for trip to Dallas

Michigan State junior linebacker grew up a Cowboys fan in Redskins territory and now will get a chance to play in the stadium of his favorite team in Cotton Bowl against Baylor.

Leading up to bowl announcements almost two weeks ago, Michigan State was widely predicted to be headed to the Orange Bowl to play Georgia Tech.

Instead, the Spartans were slotted to play Baylor in the Cotton Bowl in Dallas. It was a switch that delighted Michigan State linebacker Darien Harris.

The junior is a diehard Dallas Cowboys fan, so the trip to Dallas is a dream come true.

”I was very excited for the opportunity, as was my dad,” he said. “He was very excited. Just go get an opportunity to play in Jerry World and get a feel for what it is to play on that stage.”

A native of Silver Spring, Md., he grew up in the heart of Washington Redskins territory. But his father, Alan Harris, had Cowboys fandom embedded in him from his aunt and grandmother as both he and Harris’ mother, Lisa Harris, grew up in Richmond, Va.

“My great aunt I think is the biggest Cowboys fan in the world and she will be making the trip as well down to the game,” Harris said. “On my mom’s side, you know how girls kinda get liking the jerseys and liking the uniforms, when that happened, she just turned into a Cowboys fan and stuck with the team.

”It’s been that way since the 70s all the way up til now. We have never been fair weather fans. We have always been strong and committed to the Cowboys. To be able to play in that stadium is definitely a blessing.”

For Harris, that meant standing tall in a “dangerous” place for Cowboys fans. It led to plenty of lighthearted fun with friends and some occasional bets.

”Being able to argue with my friends and kind of make bets with them about some games where they’ve gotta wear a Cowboys jersey and I’ve gotta wear a Redskins jersey of whoever loses,” he said, “things like that make it fun and that’s what sports are really all about.”

But now he will get his chance to play on the field of his beloved team, which has his family excited.

”My dad has been down to Dallas to see some games,” Harris said. “Obviously during football season, so I haven’t been able to go. That has been in previous years.

”Just having the opportunity myself to go down there, it will be my first time down in Dallas. Then playing in Jerry World, it will be a phenomenal experience for me and my family as Cowboys fans. It will be an awesome experience.”

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