Narduzzi Impact: Recruiting

Taking a look at the way Pat Narduzzi leaving changes Michigan State recruiting moving forward, as the Spartans lose their primary area recruiter in New Jersey.

The state of New Jersey is widely known at a football hot bed and that has made it a fertile recruiting ground for many.

Michigan State has found some success there in recent years with the headline being Shilique Calhoun. But all the inroads made have been by Pat Narduzzi, who now has been introduced as the new Pittsburgh head coach.

The good news for Pitt is that he brings those ties with him to Pitt as a head coach, but the bad news for Michigan State is that it now needs to replace his impact on the northern East Coast, particularly New Jersey.

That begins with keeping 2016 commit Cameron Chambers in the fold. It is a long way until signing day 2016 and Chambers committed very early, but he has been on campus multiple times since then and appears to be pleased with the decision. It also bodes well that Narduzzi would not have had much direct hands on coaching in Chambers’ career.

But moving forward, the Spartans have to figure out who to assign to recruit New Jersey. A decision likely will not be made until the staff is settled and adjusted following Narduzzi’s departure, as it remains to be seen who will still be in East Lansing and who might join Narduzzi in Pittsburgh.

A good bit of news for the Spartans is that they have been successfully expanding their recruiting territory recently as Ron Burton has made a positive impact in the Maryland-Virginia-Carolina area and will continue to do so. Terry Samuel also has hit Texas hard in 2015.

Narduzzi also recruited Ohio for the Spartans, which made sense given his roots in Youngstown and the fact the Spartans work hard in the state.

It is his brash, blue-collar nature which made Narduzzi resonate well with the people in Ohio and New Jersey, so the next coach up should bring similar mentalities. Fortunately for Michigan State, that holds true for much of the staff.

Stay tuned to see how Michigan State chooses to approach its recruiting geographically with Narduzzi out of the picture.

As far as current commits go, it would be unlikely to see Narduzzi attempt to poach current Michigan State verbal commits. The only scenarios in which it is likely MSU loses a commit would be if one decides to follow Narduzzi of his own accord or if a player is taken by another school that chooses to capitalize on the changes at MSU.

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