Narduzzi Impact: Coaching Staff

Earlier we look at the impact on recruiting, now we look at the possible staff changes that could be coming for Michigan State as Pat Narduzzi left to become the head coach at Pittsburgh.

The departure of Pat Narduzzi has been a matter of time for Michigan State. So dealing with the way the coaching staff shuffles and experiencing more transition than it has in Mark Dantonio’s tenure.

The first question is obviously who will step in to replace Narduzzi. The two names that have been and will continue to be the most talked about are current position coaches Harlon Barnett and Mike Tressel. There is reason to believe either could be the next man for the spot at Michigan State – or possibly both as co-coordinators. Assuming just one is promoted to the coordinator spot, there also remains the possibility the other will leave and become the defensive coordinator at Pittsburgh under Narduzzi.

If MSU promotes either Barnett or Tressel and loses the other, it would be left looking for a new position coach at one spot.

Beyond that, the questions move to the offensive side of the ball and the staff Narduzzi could look to build. As far as a coordinator goes, it is possible he pulls quarterbacks coach Brad Salem to be his offensive coordinator. Another name thrown around could be offensive line coach Mark Staten, but that is probably less likely.

In that scenario as well, Michigan State would be left needing to hire on a new position coach. But if Michigan State has seen anything be true lately, it is that Dantonio has a good track record of strong position coach hires in recent years. Bringing in Salem proved to be good, as did bringing in Terry Samuel. On top of that, bringing on Ron Burton has paid dividends not only in coaching but in recruiting.

It certainly appears that Michigan State could be in line for more shuffling than just replacing Narduzzi at defensive coordinator, but time will tell just how much reorganizing and restructuring it will take for the Spartans before their staff is set moving into next season.

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