Dawson finds playing with brace "frustrating"

Michigan State senior returns after missing two games, but struggles with brace on left hand when it comes to dribbling and ball handling

Going into Tuesday night’s game, Michigan State coach Tom Izzo did not know how much he would get out of forward Branden Dawson.

He got 43 minutes, but it was an up and down performance from the senior, who returned after missed two games with a fractured left wrist.

He wore a brace on the wrist in the Spartans’ 68-66 double overtime loss to Maryland.

“When I first came back, it was kinda uncomfortable for me as far as dribbling with the ball going to my left with the way the brace is made,” Dawson said. “It was frustrating, but we just have to pick it up and just play better.”

Dawson, at times, looked like his normal self with the ball. At others, he struggled to go left and at one point lost the ball of a dribble in the open court when he started to go left.

After the game, Dawson said the wrist still was sore.

”I just have to play through it,” he said. “It’s kinda hard just catching it sometimes and dribbling it, but I just have to play through it and play better.”

Michigan State started freshman Marvin Clark in Dawson’s absence, but he played just eight minutes in the game and Izzo said the Spartans need more from him.

”Marvin’s not ready,” he said. “He just doesn’t understand the switching and he was just wasn’t ready in my mind.

”I’m going to have to change that because (Dawson) can’t go that many minutes.”

Dawson finished with nine points and 11 rebounds in the loss.

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