Heath a concern for Valentine, Costello

Izzo says pair of juniors looked out of it in Saturday's win against Northwestern

Michigan State has been no stranger to injury and illness the past season and a half and it appears the random bug is biting again.

Following Michigan State’s 84-77 overtime win against Northwestern on Sunday, coach Tom Izzo said juniors Denzel Valentine and Matt Costello looked “out of it” and said there are plans to get tests done on both.

”It’s not their attitude, they can’t get their first wind much less their second wind and I don’t know why,” Izzo said. “So we’re gonna get them tested and see if something is really wrong with them because you look at them and they just don’t look into it.”

The pair said Sunday they have been slowed by illness lately. Valentine played 34 minutes against the Wildcats, while Costello played 19. But in the minutes or on the bench, they did not look themselves to Izzo, who said it obvious.

”Those two guys aren’t like that, so I am concerned about that,” Izzo said.

Costello said he has not been feeling the best, but it is something he just has to deal with. Valentine expressed a similar feeling, adding the main issue has been fatigue as his legs are not under him much.

”It’s really noting else. It was a sore throat against Iowa, but that night I got over it. It was just fatigue this game,” Valentine said.

But with the week off before Michigan State plays Maryland, he is hoping he can get back to form.

“I just feel like one day’s rest or whatever is not going to make me feel better,” Valentine said. “We have this week before we play Maryland on Saturday, so hopefully I can get myself back into shape and play better.”

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