SpartanDigest Mailbag: January 16

Answering your questions about Michigan State football, basketball and recruiting!

Do we have any visitors coming up and with who?

Michigan State will host seven official visitors this weekend with six being commits. All of that is in this story right here:

MSU to host seven official, including McKee

How big of a priority is Nick Ward of Gahanna, Ohio? Is MSU "all in" on this kid? Is Ohio State knocking down his doors with attention, too?

I think Ward is a very high priority for Michigan State, as was shown by the fact they got in very early on him. I have not heard too much about OSU in his recruitment at this point, so I can only speak to Michigan State’s interest – which is high.

Care to make a prediction of the four DB starters by position for next fall? (Field corner, boundary corner, strong safety, free safety)

Man, I hate this question, but I will answer it. It is such a jumble at this point that it is really hard to tell. I think the only certainty is that R.J. Williamson will be a starter. With him at strong safety, it could be either Demetrious Cox or Montae Nicholson at free safety. I would expect it to be Cox unless he moves to cornerback. And now … cornerback. I think Darian Hicks has to be a starter. He is most experienced returner and MSU will be lacking that majorly next year at corner. Jermaine Edmondson was the backup at boundary corner this year behind Waynes, so he might have the inside track. But it is a big question mark. So for now, I will go Williamson and Cox at safety with Hicks locked in and guess Edmondson. But heck, it could be Arjen Colquhoun or Cox could move to corner and Nicholson could start at safety.

Does Miguel Machado have a chance to start on the line? Will he be getting reps at both guard and tackle, maybe to be the primary utility guy next season? Am I correct in thinking that the five starters in the bowl game, including Kodi Kieler, are almost lock starters next year barring injury?

Well, Travis Jackson was a starter in that game, so he is gone. I do think MSU is pretty set with the line of Jack Conklin, the Allen brothers, Donavon Clark and Kodi Kieler. Machado is a perfect utility guy it seems, but also a valuable Connor Kruse-type player that can step in to start if someone goes down injured.

In a related question, which is the better name: Miguel "Macho Man" Machado or Matt "Lone Wolf" McQuaid?

Both are so good, it is nearly impossible to pick. Both are reminiscent of Matt “Mayday” Saracen for those of you who loved Friday Night Lights like myself.

Now that we know Waynes is only player leaving early, how many open scholarships are there for the 2015 class?

I believe MSU had just 14 seniors, so 15 spots opened up with Waynes leaving early. With Zach Higgins possibly retiring, that would open up 16 for next class. I would expect MSU finds another scholarship or two though.

Any word of Caleb Swanigan decision date?

I believe he is waiting to make a decision for a little while still.

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