Film Study: Cole Chewins

Taking a look at the newest Michigan State commit - at offensive tackle and defensive end - and what he brings as a grayshirt.

Michigan State picked up an intriguing commitment earlier this week.

Clarkston tight end Cole Chewins decided to take a grayshirt to Michigan State, waiting until spring to go on scholarship. He will arrive on campus in the fall with the goal of bulking up more to be an offensive tackle. He got into playing that spot more this year after being mostly a tight end.

But his experience blocking at tight end has paid off and he made the move. We take a closer look at his film at offensive tackle and at defensive end.


At offensive tackle, Chewins showcases a high level of athleticism. It is a strength that carries over from his tight end play onto the edge of the offensive line as a tackle.

Similarly, the quickness and burst that it takes to be a playmaker down the field carries over well to tackle. His first step is quick and he moves ahead with good speed.

Due to the run-based focus of the Clarkston offense, Chewins has a good opportunity to show his strength in the run. He moves well to pull, which he did quite a few times on his film.

He does a very good job of staying low for a guy who is very tall. With that, he drives defenders back with force.

As a defensive end, Chewins again uses length and athleticism to be a solid player. The sheer size he brings creates problems for offensive linemen.

The most impressive part of his play at defensive end is the way he moves and pursues the ball. He is aggressive and plays with good instincts and pursuit angles.


Everything comes back to bulk for Chewins. He buckled down to put on weight to get up to 235 and make himself the prospect he is right now. That will be the next step and the big challenge for him at the next level.

As an offensive tackle, he needs the bulk to be able to handle defensive ends at the next level. Another question is how good is his pass blocking.

On the other side of the ball, while his highlights show a lot of skill at defensive end, he does not shed blocks well – another thing that comes back to size. He is not going to bull rush or overpower an opposing offensive tackle.

As he adds bulk, it will be interesting to see him as a player.

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