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Michigan State has pieced together an incredibly solid class from the get go and those players are finally able to sign their letters of intent.

The Spartans have 19 commitments coming into the day, including gray shirt Cole Chewins. Could they leave the day with a couple more? Stay tuned!

Stay updated as the National Letters of Intent are mailed in and we post stories on those players!

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And for some fun ... the 2015 Michigan State Class Superlatives!


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(In order of faxed NLI)

Tyriq Thompson Signing Day Capsule

Dantonio: "Made the decision to come here early in the process and is enrolled now ... Another young man that I just think had in his mind that he wanted to be at Michigan State because of the people and the chemistry. But with an opportunity to be here at this point in time, will have the opportunity to get on the field very, very quickly. So very, very excited to have him here."

7:09 a.m. - Khari Willis Signing Day Capsule

Dantonio: "Dual player, he is a running back, safety, we're going to recruit him at safety, play him at safety. Reminds me very much of Isaiah Lewis in the way he moves and the toughness factor. Isaiah was an outstanding running back, as well but he's going to show up quick on the football field. He's a no nonsense type guy-- so he's responsible for that right from the get-go. Tough-minded. He's a basketball recruit, as well. If he decides that he would want to do that, he would have my blessing to be able to do that. Our basketball coaches know who he is. He can come right down the middle of the court down the lane and slam it. An outstanding football player, as well. But very, very excited about him, about 200 pounds and it's all toughness and he's a no-nonsense kind of guy, excellent student and I think he will be a quick performer for us."

7:55 a.m. - L.J. Scott Signing Day Capsule

Dantonio:"An outstanding player, never wavered throughout the process. It doesn't take long when you put on the film to see that LJ Scott is a guy that will be able to play in the Big Ten and carry the load. ... The main thing-- great vision, great cutting ability, physical, 225 pounds, 6-1, can go the distance, has everything. ... But the most noticeable thing I got is he stayed the course and when he gave us his commitment, I think it was in July, he maintained that commitment throughout the entire process and never wavered when there were a lot of people that tried to knock on the door. ... But LJ will be an outstanding player. He has the capability to play next year. I believe that. Usually running back is one of the first places you can play as a true freshman. Reminds me very much of Bell, certainly much more highly-recruited and we know where he's at right now. He'll have an outstanding career here."

8:06 a.m. - Grayson Miller Signing Day Capsule

Dantonio: "He came here in camp and earned a scholarship, about 6-2, 195 pounds, ran 4-4 two different times in camp, long jump ten-foot plus, vertical 35 inches with great ball skills and you just had a feeling like somebody was missing something. So we offered him a scholarship. ... He's a tremendous hitter, great ball skills, plays all over the place at his high school, another state champion high school down at Scott County. ... Another guy when you go into the high school, I mean, I just believe you win with people. I guess that's the message here. You win with people. At some point in time, you find out the truth about people as you move through the process, and they either add to your chemistry or they subtract from your chemistry. In this case, I think all of our guys are adding to this chemistry and Grayson Miller, no question that he does that, as well. But he's big enough to go in and play star as he puts on weight, but I think he's athletic enough to step out there and play that front side safety. During camp he had the opportunity to work and was very, very good in coverage."

8:17 a.m. - Darrell Stewart Signing Day Capsule

Dantonio: "We'll recruit him as a wide receiver but he's played quarterback, defensive back and also wide receiver. Great catching ability. One of the better players in the Houston area, bringing a young man from that particular high school where he's from. Have an opportunity to play for Coach Samuels, and so that will be outstanding for him. Track guy and very, very athletic."

8:21 a.m. - Tyler Higby Signing Day Capsule

Dantonio: "Athletic, very athletic and big, another big guy that will pay dividends down the road in terms of what he will be able to do. But everywhere you go, in that high school, or that school really because it goes from age four on up, the people that talk about him and the things that are said about him as an individual, are very, very far-reaching, tremendous. He will be an outstanding person and player here at Michigan State, a guy that was highly-recruited."

8:32 a.m. - Andrew Dowell Signing Day Capsule

Dantonio: "Doesn't take long to put on the film, his senior film, to see that he can play. Decided on that, really very quickly after seeing the film. Makes plays in space, great ball skills, will play outside linebacker and star position for us, goes about 215 pounds, very active basketball player, both he and his brother from a very disciplined high school."

8:34 a.m. - David Dowell Signing Day Capsule

Dantonio: "David has the ability to play corner and we will lean towards defensive back when he comes in here with the idea that if he has to go over and play wide receiver, he has the ability. He'll start at corner, make transition to that field safety which is very much like Kurtis Drummond. But he has great leaping ability, great ball skills, he's big, he tackles and he's from a tremendous high school in Lakewood and very well-coached. They play our defense there which gives him a tremendous upside for us, so he should not miss a beat in terms of installation and things of that nature. We look for him to possibility get on the field very, very early in his career. When you go to the defensive backs, and he would be considered one or sort of a slash guy."

8:51 a.m. - Tyson Smith Signing Day Capsule

Dantonio: "Very smooth, very athletic. Used to talk about Renaldo (Hill) being the truth. Very, very aware as a football player. Great ball skills. He's been in our camp the last couple years. He's the nephew of Bobby Williams, good friend of mine, and I just can't say enough about him."

9:11 a.m. - Noah Listermann Signing Day Capsule

Dantonio:" Very big offensive lineman, about 6-7, 6-6, very athletic, has not been playing football all that long. Plays five different music instruments; so we're bringing a band here. He is an outstanding young man, very, very big upside, athletic, and gets on people. When you're that big and you get on people, good things tend to happen for us. So we are looking forward to him. He will be an outstanding player here, as with most offensive linemen, probably redshirting the first year but I think he has a tremendous upside for us, highly-recruited guy, as well."

9:19 a.m - Justice Alexander Signing Day Capsule

Dantonio: "Justice is a guy that came to camp about 6-4 plus, 230 pounds, long jump 10-3, vertical jump 35 inches, runs in the 4-7 area. Has a huge upside. Has not been playing football that long. So this year he had ten sacks through his first ten games and then they went to the playoffs, all the way to the final game in the playoffs in the State of Ohio and at that point in time he had 22 sacks. He's had 12 sacks in the four playoff games. So he got better and better and better as the season progressed, and he is a true diamond in the rough, very, very athletic, can really run, and you know, will have an opportunity to be coached here with our defensive line."

9:22 a.m. - Felton Davis Signing Day Capsule

Dantonio:"Big, rangy, great ball skills. ... So a guy that I think will find his way, we lose five wide receivers next year and I think he'll find his way on the field very, very quickly. So can be a dominant player for us. Goes up and gets the football."

10 a.m. - Brian Lewerke Signing Day Capsule

Dantonio: "Outstanding leader. Reminds me a lot of Kirk Cousins in the way he handles himself, the way goes about his business. Creates with his feet, as well as with his arm, was in camp here, and threw the ball very, very, very well with efficiency and a lot of snap. Delivery was very, very good, and has the opportunity to work out and see NFL guys every day. ... Excellent student, as well and again, he's maintained that composure and commitment in a leadership position as he sort of has endured all the different people coming at him, as well. Outstanding player for us."

10:09 a.m. - Raequan Williams Signing Day Capsule

Dantonio: "Has not been playing football all that long. Extremely powerful and athletic is the word that you use. I guess you look at him as a larger Lawrence Thomas as we recruited LT. But he will be a fixture here, and when you are around Rae-Rae, he just makes everybody better around him in terms of what he does, in terms of the intangibles, the way he brings forth effort from people and the way he works."

10:11 a .m. - Josh Butler Signing Day Capsule

Dantonio: "He took a bus up here during summer, basically because we established that, I guess that I guess reputation as putting out top defensive backs, and I guess you could say that's accurate with Trae Waynes being a possible probably -- I would say it's a probable first round pick this year. Got two first-round corners if you're listening out there that have graduated from here and have played through three and four years here. But Josh Butler is that kind of guy, in the top 250 prospects in the nation, very highly-recruited guy, very well-coached guy, much like Tyson Smith, very smooth, just played safety this year, was hurt after the first five games so he didn't finish the season but played corner as a true freshman-- he may-- but as a junior he played corner them. Outstanding football player, very well-coached, excellent kick returner, punt returner. As I said, took the bus up two days riding to get here and experience Michigan State. Made that decision early in the process among about, I think he had about 50 scholarship offers."

11:30 a.m. - Kyonta Stallworth Signing Day Capsule

Dantonio: "People view him as the number win player in the State of Michigan. Guy has committed a long time ago, probably last spring. Said he wanted to play for us as a sophomore, maintained that approach throughout. Had an opportunity to watch him practice, very quick body, very explosive player. You watch him on film, as a defensive player, he's very, very good there, as well. But I really think that as an offensive player, he can get out and play eight lot of different positions for us, he's athletic enough to play tackle, powerful enough to go inside but a guy that, again, another nationally-recruited young man, a top 300 guy in the country. And you know, all the things that you want in an offensive lineman, he possessions, weren't to sound mind and body camp last year as well as in our camps previously and just was dominant, was a dominant performer in that area."

12:07 p.m. - Drake Martinez Signing Day Capsule

Dantonio: "He's electric. He can run. He can tackle. He can catch the football and he's an athlete in all respects. He can wind up playing at any position."

12:17 p.m. - Kaleel Gaines Signing Day Capsule

Dantonio: "One young man who reminds me of Keyshawn Martin. Electric, plays quarterback, wide receiver, defensive back, from Frostproof, Florida, guy that runs track, plays basketball, all over the place. Tough-minded athlete and very highly-recruited young man, and another top player I think in the country. He's the one player that we took out of Florida this year but really has the ability to run and make plays. Great young man and was up here on a visit this fall camp."

1:19 p.m. - Cassius Peat Signing Day Capsule

Dantonio: "Big-time player. Came down to obviously some very, very big programs throughout this country. Very active player. Shows power, plays on a basketball team, as well, Corona. Is an outstanding basketball team. ... Very, very athletic, shows a lot of power in everything he does. Plays with great effort and a guy that I think could get on the field very, very early for us at defensive end. ... He just got that feeling as we went through that process, so very, very excited about him in joining us today as a committed player for us and he's signed, sealed."

2:51 p.m. - Mufi Hunt Signing Day Capsule

Dantonio: "He's a little bit different situation. He committed today from another-- had opportunities to go throughout areas in the west out there, from Utah. Came on a visit a couple weeks ago. He will go on his mission, first of all, for a two-year mission before coming here, I guess it will be in 2017. Again, I think that speaks volumes about what's going on here in terms of our culture. He is an outstanding football player. Big bodied, tremendous acceleration. He will be mature when he comes back from his mission. I believe that God sent him on a mission to do some great things in his life initially, and when he comes back, as he said, he will join his Spartan brothers, his Spartan brothers will be waiting here when he comes back and that completes our class."


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