SpartanDigest Mailbag: February 7

Answering your questions about Michigan State football, basketball and recruiting!

Which of the 2015 kids do you expect not to redshirt?

I would assume L.J. Scott does not. The next most likely probably is Cassius Peat. Kaleel Gaines, David Dowell, Josh Butler and Tyson Smith should get a chance to compete for the cornerback spots as MSU looks for answers there. Raequan Williams is pretty solid and athletic, but MSU has a lot of depth – young depth – on the interior defensive line.

Assuming no transfers or early leaves, how many open scholarships are available for 2016 class?

The number should be near 20, but given there figures to be a little bit of attrition, the class should be 20-22.

How would you rate this class, compared to past classes, at time of signing?

I think, on paper, this is the best class MSU has brought in. It certainly is the deepest – again on paper. To beat he 2010 class on the field would be impressive, but time will tell.

Javon Bess' injury doesn't seem likely to be 100 percent by tourney time. How much has this truly limited his play and what is a reasonable timeframe for him to be 100 percent?

It is pretty crazy that Bess seems to keep getting hurt and it all is in his feet. I don’t know that he will be 100 percent at any point this season. I think it limits his running ability mostly, but he has shown he can be a force on the glass and defensively either way.

Any news on Caleb Swanigan?

He didn’t make the visit last weekend, but other than that, not much out there. Still taking his time.

How limiting is Travis Trice's shoulder injury?

It doesn’t seem to be too much of an issue. He is wearing a brace, but seems like it is not too serious.

Will Deon Drake be a true freshman or a redshirt freshman this upcoming football season?

Will Deon Drake and Byron Bullough compete for same position? Looks like they have similar size from just looking at profiles.

At this point, it looks like neither. Drake is not enrolled nor on campus it seems. I think when you look at Michigan State, it is pretty set at linebacker right now.

When is MSU pro day? Which kids not invited to combine are going to perform at MSU pro day? Believe Coach D said 6 players were invited to combine, you know which 6?

The six are Tony Lippett, Keith Mumphery, Trae Waynes, Taiwan Jones, Kurtis Drummond and Jeremy Langford. A bit surprised not to see Marcus Rush invited. Mike Sadler a bit surprising, too. Generally all outgoing players participat in the pro day.

If you were to guess how MSU needed to finish to make NCAA tourney, what do you think? I'm thinking 5-2 with one win in B1G tourney depending on seed.

Well, after the loss today, MSU needs to do some serious work. They have been treading water lately and now are starting to sink. It is a bubble team that needs a couple wins to get off that bubble … and fast.

I know stars don't matter, but with the increased attention the program has gotten with winning, is their any 5 star kids for 2016 that the Spartans have a good shot at?

Well, Scout just unveiled its rankings for 2016 to and to be completely honest, I need to take a look at it. Signing day requires a couple days of recovery ? We will jump in this week to the 2016 coverage and expect plenty of it for the next year!

This year, MSU added more players from the West and South. With inroads now being formed nationally, are there any top recruits from those areas we should keep our eye on for possible future commitments? If so, who?

Again, I will have to dig more in depth, but I definitely expect MSU to continue to stretch the geography of its recruiting. Many offers are already out nationwide.

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