SpartanDigest Mailbag: February 14

Answering your questions about Michigan State football, basketball and recruiting!

Is there an official date or time when winter football workouts begin? If they are already ongoing, any word on who is impressing, surprising, stepping up, showing leadership, etc.?

MSU has gotten the lifting/conditioning portion underway already. I believe it started a couple days before signing day. As far as feedback, not much yet. Still very early, so we will see who emerges as they continue into spring ball

I remember when the younger Allen brother (Brian) came in, there was the possibility of him trying to wrestle for the Spartan wrestling team. Do you know if he has been in the mat room as MSU at all? Also, what is your opinion on college athletes being two sport athletes? Is it realistic? I know collegiately two-sport athletes are not a frequent occurrence, but do you think coaches of their respective sports truly support an athlete to give another sport a go or is it more, "hey, this is it" kind of thing?

I don’t think that wound up happening with Allen. My opinion is that it is VERY challenging to do. It is not something that just anyone can do because it means balancing a lot of demands from multiple coaches, sports, as well as academics. In the case of Khari Willis, for example, he has talked about majoring in pre-law or something in that realm. Is working toward law school a move he can make if he plays football and basketball? That would be incredibly challenging. I can only speak to Michigan State coaches and I know Dantonio and Izzo have been open to it in the past (Deon Curry, Dion Sims and possibly Willis)

How do you see the 2016 class breaking down by position? 1QB, 2 RB, etc

The class should number around 20-22. I will operate with the thought of 22 being in the class for this projection.

QB: One

RB: Two

WR: Three

TE: Two

OL: Four

DL: Three

LB: Three

DB: Three

LS: One

Who do you see sharing PG time with Tum Tum Nairn next season?

Michigan State really only has the one true point guard on the roster going into next year, but Eron Harris could run the point for MSU a bit. He is guy with the next best skill set to run the one.

Speaking of Costilling, isn't it time to acknowledge the obvious and return Matt Costello to the starting lineup in place of Gavin Schilling?

You might be onto something, as Schilling has not been playing as well the past couple weeks. He looks out of sync on offense, in particular. That said, given the platoon between the two, I’m not sure which one is the starter makes much difference.

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