Evans has "really high" interest in Spartans

Indianapolis Ben Davis junior running back picked up a Michigan State offer on Thursday, as the Spartans likened him to a current playmaker on the roster.

When Chris Evans got on the phone with Mark Dantonio on Thursday, the Michigan State head coach compared him to a current player on the Spartans’ roster.

Fittingly, Dantonio likened the Indianapolis Ben Davis junior running back to wide receiver R.J. Shelton – and both wear the No. 12.

”I thought he was talking about my number, but he said I reminded them of him,” Evans said.

The Spartans extended an offer to Evans on Thursday and it came because they see a versatile playmaker, just like they did in recruiting Shelton.

”They saw my film and they saw that I was an explosive player,” Evans said.

Evans already held plenty of interest in Michigan State and the offer just added to that.

“My interest level in Michigan State is really high,” he said. “The things I like about it is good winning seasons and they have great running backs coming out of there and great coaches. They have great speed at Michigan State, too.”

The Spartans had good luck with a player out of Ben Davis previously, as former safety Isaiah Lewis hailed from the high school before having a solid career at MSU.

Evans has had the chance to talk with Lewis before and MSU has been a subject of the conversation.

”When he was trying for the NFL Combine, he would come up to the field and we would exchange words,” Evans said. “He just told me how good it is (up there).”

Evans also holds a high level of interest in Michigan, Ohio State and Notre Dame.

He plans on visiting Michigan State on March 28. He might visit Tennessee on March 7 and plans on going to Ohio State’s spring game.

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