SpartanDigest Mailbag: March 6

Answering your questions about Michigan State football, basketball and recruiting!

Can you give the Mike Wilson view of this years basketball team?

I think it is a team that has achieved right about where it should have. Competitive on a game by game basis – mostly – and close in plenty of games. Could have lost more, could have won more to date. I think the key going into the year was getting good play out of Matt Costello and Gavin Schilling, while the stars of Travis Trice, Denzel Valentine and Branden Dawson had to be consistent. Schilling has had flashes, while Costello has come on more late. Dawson has been steady, spare a few games. Valentine and Trice have had plenty of moments. Overall, I think it makes sense this team is 20-9 at this point. I will say, I expected this team’s identity to be more about defense, toughness and rebounding. I do not think those have been the staples I thought they would be.

Is Shilique Calhoun a 1st round pick next year? Why or why not?

No. My why not is that Calhoun is good, not great. The thing that makes him such a popular, well-known and respected player is that he makes flashy plays. It really does seem like anytime he makes a big play it results in a touchdown, a huge tackle or a crazy sack. He has been a really good player at MSU and I think he is a Round 2-3 pick more than a Round 1 at this time. A big senior year could sneak him into the first round, though.

Is Connor Cook a 1st round pick next year? Why or why not?

Yes. Simply put, Cook is physically exactly what the NFL looks for and he has all the tools to be a first-round pick. What he has to do this year is show he can be more consistency with its accuracy. If he does that, he has the chance to be the top QB in the draft next year.

Regarding Valentine, what has Izzo said about his (lack of) assertiveness at looking for his shot? He should be taking half again as many shots from the field as he does.

I don’t think he has said too much, certainly not lately. I don’t think that really has been too big of an issue. The only game that comes to mind where he was lacking shots and looking for his shot was at Michigan, but other than that, I think he has done a good job.

Have any departures of scholarship players from last season's football team aside from departing seniors plus Waynes become known?

Not as of now. There was a comment from Mark Dantonio that indicated Michigan State could see Zach Higgins take a medical DQ, but that has not been fully announced yet if it will happen.

If we were lining up for a game tomorrow, what would be the two-deep at linebacker?

My guesses as of now:

MIKE: Riley Bullough, Jon Reschke

SAM: Ed Davis, Shane Jones

STAR: Darien Harris, Chris Frey

Others to look out for would be Jalyn Powell at STAR, which also could lead to Frey being moved to SAM. Tyriq Thompson at SAM is another guy to look out for. Lots of linebackers at MSU right now.

When's the final date that Caleb Swanigan can commit?

From my understanding, it is basically whenever.

Any news of Caleb Swanigan?

As many of you will know, I don’t like to comment on players I have not talked to about their recruitment. So all I can offer up on Swanigan is that he was on campus again this week, as most of you will know already.

Any status on Dawson injury from Wednesday?

Just that he is questionable for Saturday.

Prediction on next football commitment?

Messiah deWeaver is one I feel pretty good about.

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