SpartanDigest Mailbag: March 13

Answering your questions about Michigan State football, basketball and recruiting!

Will Michigan State win on Friday?

I think it will. Of Minnesota and Ohio State, this was the best possible matchup for the Spartans. OSU does bring good length and defense in the backcourt, but I think MSU has a nice edge elsewhere. If they can contain D’Angelo Russell like they did in East Lansing, should be an MSU win.

Nick Ward ... is he a recruiting priority both with or without Caleb Swanigan?

I think he is. Having extra big bodies to rotate in can never be a bad thing.

Will it rain on the day of the spring football game? I'm only driving up with the kids if you assure me of sunny skies.

100 percent guaranteed no rain. I have a wedding to attend immediately following the game, so I feel confident.

If you had your pick of MSU basketball targets. Who would be your priorities in the next class?

Cassius Winston, Josh Langford, Nick Ward lead the list for me. Josh Jackson is a dream target for MSU, obviously. Miles Bridges also has that Michigan connection. But Winston, Langford and Ward start that.

Rank the 5 best MSU quarterbacks.

I would go Kirk Cousins, Earl Morrall, Drew Stanton, Jeff Smoker and Tony Banks. Bill Burke and Brian Hoyer right there on the outside. Connor Cook could move into that group this season – and be very high on it.

Looking at the upcoming football schedule and taking OSU out of the question... What game are you looking forward to the most? What game has you on edge or uneasy? What game would you rather do without or change?

I am looking forward to Oregon coming to East Lansing the most. I think these major nonconference games are a lot of fun to cover and really good for fans, as well. The next game that would concern me and would also be the one I think MSU would be better off without is Nebraska. There has been something about that matchup that seems to produce close games lately. A lot of that was the offense the Huskers run against MSU’s defense, so we will see how that changes. But going to Lincoln is never an easy thing.

Assuming MSU wins game tomorrow, loses on Saturday, where do you project the team to be seeded.

I think a seven is a realistic expectation in that circumstance.

Do you see it being more beneficial to have an earlier spring game or a later spring game; if any benefit at all?

I think later does benefit actually. For one, which is a big one for MSU, it allows players who had to have surgery or get healthy after the year to have more time. Secondly, it opens the window for more outdoor practice time, which is a benefit. Lastly, with recruiting being a big part of spring practices, having the different time makes it more likely you can get visits without having to compete with other schools for visits.

Has MSU had its NFL combine? If so, anyone stand out or improve from Indy? If not, when is this?

Michigan State will hold its pro day on March 18.

I know Caleb Swanigan has his list...but am I correct in thinking it's really down to MSU, Kentucky, Arizona and Duke?

I would think that is a safe guess, but it would be just that: A guess.

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