Spartan Offer Another Great Opportunity

The latest scholarship offer for Prince Sammons is another great opportunity according to his father. We learn more about the interest the Ohio lineman has in Michigan State.

Despite being on spring break Prince Sammons added another high level offer to his growing list when Michigan State reached out.

“Coach (Harlon) Barnett called up Coach Eric Taylor this morning,” said Sammons father Brandon. “He said Coach (Mark) Dantonio wanted to make the offer so we gave him a call and he offered Prince today.”

For the older Sammons, past meetings with the Spartans head coach have not been forgotten.

“Coach Dantonio is a great guy and I always enjoy talking with him when he comes to town,” he said. “So he’s definitely a fun guy to talk with. Michigan State is definitely one of the better programs around with its consistency and model of success.

“Everyone says Coach Dantonio is a pretty solid guy and the assistant coaches I’ve met seem to be along the same lines. We also have a few people at our school that are Michigan State fans and they always say Michigan State is the best place to go.”

After thinking they would use spring break to visit a few schools of interest, Sammons said his son is taking a break after a long basketball season.

“Prince decided he didn’t want to go anywhere over spring break,” he continued. “I think he’s exhausted from the basketball season. But he’s trying to work things down so we’re working towards that. But he hasn’t decided where he wants to visit just yet.”

How do father and son feel about the Spartans interest?

“I think it’s a great offer and great opportunity,” he said. “However, Prince is going to have a lot of great offers and opportunities to choose from. So I feel the hardest part for him will be which one to take.

“Prince is always very thankful and very appreciative about all the offers he receives. He’s always smiling and thanking the coaches so he’s pretty consistent with how he’s handling it. So it’s nice there hasn’t been a bunch of highs or lows through the process.”

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