Friday movie matinee? Spartans don't mind

Michigan State takes in a movie to take up some time leading up to a late tip off Friday night against Oklahoma -- at the suggestion of Tom Izzo gone soft.

With a tipoff scheduled for after 10 p.m. Friday night, Michigan State had a lot of time to kill before a Sweet 16 meeting with Oklahoma.

So when Tom Izzo met with a couple of his captains at breakfast, he asked them “What are we going to do today?” The Spartans coach then threw out the idea of going to a movie.

And that is exactly what they did as the players went to see the latest Will Ferrell flick “Get Hard.”

”Shows you how soft I’m getting,” he said.

The choice of movie came from Izzo having seen the commercials and it fitting the criteria: A little light and not too deep. Plus, the connections to the stars Ferrell and Kevin Hart didn’t hurt.

”Will Ferrell had visited our place a few years ago,” Izzo said. “Last year, I sat with Kevin Hart at the UConn game. I said this could be a good omen.”

Early on, it looked like the decision could have backfired as the Spartans came out of the gates sluggish against the Sooners.

”I probably caused the problems in the first half,” Izzo said. “Instead of grinding it in some film, we went to a damn movie.

”We did it just to try to break up the day.”

It worked out in the end, as the Spartans prevailed against Oklahoma 62-58 to advance to the Elite Eight on Sunday against Louisville.

Fortunately for future players, the win could provide future movie trips.

”I said if we lose, we’ll never do it again,” Izzo said. “If we win, hell, we might go to the movies tomorrow.”

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