Michigan State’s Moving On

Tom Izzo’s back in the Final Four, because where else would he even go?

Outside of East Lansing, no one expected Michigan State to get this far.

This is a true statement which can be taken one of two ways. The first is that Michigan State is the worst team in the Final Four. After all, the other three teams (Kentucky, Wisconsin, and Duke) were all the 1-seeds in their regions and feature a host of future first-round picks on their rosters.

The second, and more interesting way to take that statement is to realize that there’s something about the Spartans that routinely surpasses expectations in March and April. After all, no one expected Michigan State to get this far, but now that they’re here, no one’s exactly surprised, either.

So, it’s pretty clear that Michigan State isn’t supposed to beat Duke, or the winner of Kentucky/Wisconsin if they get that far. But let’s be honest – would anyone in Indianapolis really be surprised if they did?

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