Dantonio Sees Positives Following Scrimmage

Despite the fact his defense stepped up late and pulled away a late jersey scrimmage victory from the offense, Mark Dantonio came away pleased by what he saw from several players and his team overall. Quotes provided by Michigan State Athletic Communications.

Interceptions and turnovers took away any change the Michigan State offense had in winning a green jersey in the Spartans second scrimmage of the spring.

While those on the outside would thing head coach Mark Dantonio would not be happy about what he saw, he was just the opposite according to the quotes released by the Spartans athletic communications staff.

“It was a great scrimmage really,” said Dantonio. “Offensively, we played very well. We ran the ball effectively. Both Madre London and Gerald Holmes had some nice runs. The yards (gained) after contact really impressed me. Both guys were able to slide off tackles and get vertical with the football. (Connor) Cook was very sharp. Jamal Lyles made some plays in the passing game. MacGarrett Kings made plays as well and I thought R.J. Shelton and A.J. Troup played well. The offensive line didn’t give up many sacks either. We had zero turnovers until the very end of the game (had turnovers on three-straight possessions late), then things sort of turned.”

One who always loves when a defense makes a great play, Dantonio was extremely impressed by several of his players.

“It really was a great pick by (Jermaine Edmondson) and he ran it back to the 4-yard line,” he said. “The offense committed three turnovers late, two in ‘coming out’ situations from the goal line, and that’s why the defense won the game.

“There were some great individual plays, and I saw a lot of positive things on both sides of the ball. There also was some great hitting in this scrimmage. Defensively, Tyriq Thompson, Shane Jones and Vayante Copeland all took steps forward. Those are three guys you haven’t heard as much about this spring, but they had very solid scrimmages today.

“We’ve got good defensive ends. They’re big, rangy guys … around 6-5 and they can run. Montez Sweat and Gerald Owens made some plays today. As these younger plays get more reps, they continue to get better and better. It’s exciting to watch those guys out here.”

Dantonio summed up what is left for his squad as they get ready to close out the spring.

“We’ll have one more big, full-contact practice on Tuesday,” he said. “So we’ll try to get a lot of things done that day. Thursday we’ll practice in shorts, then Saturday, we’ll play the Green and White game in the stadium. So it will be an exciting spring game, and we look for a great crowd.”

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