Coach Speak: Messiah deWeaver

Spartan Digest spoke with the high school coach that first witnessed the potential of new Michigan State pledge, quarterback Messiah deWeaver. Maurice Douglass gives Spartan fans more information on deWeaver and when he first noticed there was something special there.

Over the past several years football coach Maurice “Mo” Douglass has seen his share of players go from high school to the college level. Wednesday, Douglass was on hand at Huber Heights (Ohio) Wayne High School to watch quarterback Messiah deWeaver announce his college decision becoming a member of the Michigan State 2016 recruiting class.

“I first saw Messiah when he was in eighth grade,” said Douglass. “I liked his composure and pocket presence and I think it was a game against Wayne or Springfield and he took a few shots that night. But he kept his composure and wasn’t rattled and from that moment on, I saw something in him that I knew was special.”

Douglass and deWeaver have both left the program that brought them together now, but Douglass knew early on the future Spartan was a leader on and off the field.

“Messiah started coming to the weight room in the winter of his eighth grade year,” he said. “He just grabbed the bulls by the horns and continued to work and develop. He also earned his teammates respect as he was never late, kept his grads good and was willing to do the little things.

“As a quarterback, you get respect by the effort your teammate’s see you put forth. Even in eighth grade Messiah was doing that.”

On the field the former NFL player feels deWeaver has the tools to become a high level player.

“I think Messiah has got a tremendous ceiling as a player,” he said. “I feel his body is going to continue to develop and feel he could be a 230-240-pound quarterback that can scramble and take the hits he’ll get at that level.”

deWeaver Talks Becoming A Spartan

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