Michigan State Right Fit For Davis

One of the top prospects in Ohio for the 2016 class is tight end Noah Davis out of Cincinnati St. Xavier. After a Saturday visit for the Spartans spring game, Davis felt the Spartans were the best fit and pulled the trigger ending his recruitment on Sunday morning.

For tight end Noah Davis the time had come to end the recruiting process with a Sunday morning pledge to Michigan State following his spring game visit.

“I got up there yesterday and talked with Coach Dantonio,” said Davis. “I also talked with the program director of athletic training as it was a big part of my decision. “I want to become an athletic trainer and the whole deal with that is getting your clinical hours, especially with football being a year round sport. So it’s kind of hard to get those and they said they can be very flexible with me getting them. So that was big.”

According to Davis, the thought process of becoming the latest member of the Spartans came during the drive home with his mother Saturday night.

“I talked with my mom on the way home about Michigan State and then with my dad and mom again this morning,” he said. “The way I thought about it, I went through all the schools that had either offered me or I was talking too and felt if anyone else offered or out of those that had offered, there wasn’t anyone that could sway me to change.”

While not really having a Top Three list, Davis had a couple of other programs high on his list before the Spartans moved to the top.

“I would say it was between Michigan State, Boston College and Iowa,” he said. “The only bad thing about Boston College was they don’t have an athletic training program. I wouldn’t even know if I would call them my Top Three as I was just talking with everyone and getting a feel for each of them.

“I wanted to stay somewhere in the Midwest and not go super far away as my family wants to go to my games. So I didn’t want to go somewhere they would have to fly to because that is expensive. Michigan State is not that bad of a drive and pretty much a straight shot from Cincinnati.”

What was it about the Spartans on the field that helped their cause?

“Michigan State uses their tight ends the best in the country,” explained Davis. “They always have a tight end on the field and more often than not, have two tight ends on. So it was a big deal for me to always see a tight end on the field as I want to be in a pro-style offense and an offense that not only has their tight end blocking but also in the passing scheme as well.”

Also helping the Spartans cause was the efforts of main recruiting coach Harlon Barnett, tight end coach Jim Bollman and Dantonio.

“I’ve been talking with Coach Bollman and Coach Barnett,” he said. “I spoke with Coach Bollman a little bit yesterday and will call him again later today. He’s kind of like my coach in high school as they kind of have the same personality and he seems like a standup guy who cares about his players not only on the field but also off it.

“I’ve been talking with Coach Barnett since the start of the process and talked with Coach (Steve) Specht about him as they’ve known each other for like twenty years I think. He’s seems like a really good guy and visited St. Xavier last week. Everything we talk about is really not about football but more about life. He seems like a really nice guy.

“Coach Dantonio also seems like a nice guy and I’ve talked with Coach Specht about him as well. Everyone knows he’s a standup guy who not only cares about what you do on the field but also off it. Coach Dantonio spent time in Cincinnati and knows the Greater Catholic League well. He thinks it’s one of the best conferences in the country and knows Coach Specht. So he knows I’m getting good coaching as well.”

How does it feel knowing what his future is leading to?

“It’s kind of a relief honestly,” he stressed. “I was never a huge fan of the recruiting process and found it kind of tiring. But it’s kind of a weight off my chest knowing I’m going to be a Spartan now. So it’s cool and I’m happy inside.”

Another person sold on Davis becoming a Spartan was his mother who also made the trip to campus Saturday.

“My mom liked all the people she met up there,” he said. “She’s big on how they treat you not only on the field but how they talk with you off it and how they care about you as a person too.”

The commitment of Davis continues a great recruiting weekend so far by the Spartans as recruiting starts heating up across the country.

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