Next Stop: East Lansing For David Dowell

Spartan Digest checks in with incoming Michigan State defensive back David Dowell one final time as his report date nears.

The roller coaster recruiting ride taken by incoming Michigan State defensive back David Dowell and his brother Andrew Dowell saw the pair give multiple commitments before finally landing at Michigan State just prior to signing day.

A few weeks ago, Dowell returned to Michigan State for the first time since his official visit during the Spartans annual spring game giving him a different feeling from his last visit.

“It was really relieving knowing the recruiting process was over and I was now 100-percent sure I’m going to a great program with a great coach and a storied history,” said Dowell.

Looking back Dowell knows mistakes were made as college coaches look at times to pressure young people into making life changing decision while given limited time to build relationships.

With talk of an early signing period Dowell feels the biggest change needed is not when a player signs but when he can make quality official visits that are not rushed.

“If I could change one thing I would have taken more time,” he said. “I think we committed too early at times and we’re not 100-percent sure when we committed. That’s been the biggest thing I took away from the process.

“As for visits, I think that after your junior season, especially in the summer, you should be able to take official visits because that is when you have the most time. As far as an early signing period, I feel a guy should be able to take until signing day to make sure they make the right decision.”

Having prepped at one of the counties premier high school athletic programs may have prepared Dowell for his next journey at Michigan State. However, there will be things he’ll miss once he arrives on campus in early July.

“I will miss the tradition of St. Edward,” he said. “I’ll also miss my friends and teammates who are just like my brothers. It was an honor just being able to play in the St. Edwards community and winning championships.”

Other changes will come early for Dowell and his brother when they reach East Lansing as it will be the first time they’ve had to fend for themselves. What fears if any does Dowell have as report day nears.

“Definitely doing my laundry would be one of them,” Dowell said with a laugh. “But cleaning up my room on a consistent basis is one. I see my mom always cleaning around the house so that will be different for sure.”

Another change will come when it’s time to have dinner leaving David positive about who he’ll lean on early in the process.

“The better cook would be Andrew,” he said. “He actually went on a cooking thing one time when he just wanted to cook everything. So my mom was helping him cook stuff. So he’s the better cook but I’ll learn for sure.”

In high school David was a two-way standout helping St. Edwards win a state championship last fall. However, at Michigan State it looks like early on the Spartans coaching staff has a clear plan in place.

“The coaches have told me I’m going to start out at cornerback,” he explained. “Honestly, Michigan State is known for moving players around. So I’m prepared to play any position they put me at. When I get there, I’m going to work as hard as I can and take as much as I can in. I’m also going to look up to the older guys and just try and learn as much as I can so I can compete and get on the field.”

As for taking away the glory he saw during his prep career in high school when he would score a touchdown. Dowell knows they be a time he’ll miss being a receiver but also knows he’ll need to take advantage of scoring on the defensive side of the ball.

“I’m sure that will happen (miss playing receiver) as everybody wants to score touchdowns,” he said. “So hopefully, I can get a couple of touchdowns on defense.”


Q: What food will you ask your mother to make when you return home?

A: That would probably be her lasagna. She makes pretty good lasagna.

Q: What music are you listening to now?

A: Right now it would be something by Drake. Any Drake music I’m listening too.

Q: What streaming or television show has got you hooked?

A: Right now it would be The Game and Empire is also a good show.

Q: What other player in the class do you see yourself being close friends with?

A: That would be Tyriq Thompson. He was there during our official visit and he’s a real cool dude so I feel he’ll be a guy I’m in contact with a lot.

Q: How do you see your Spartan career ending?

A: I see myself with a couple of National Championships and getting ready for the NFL Draft.

Q: What is the biggest misconception about Mark Dantonio?

A: Probably that he’s just a serious guy. He’s actually a pretty funny due and has like a deceptive humor. But he’s actually pretty funny.

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