Next Stop: East Lansing For Andrew Dowell

Spartan Digest checks in with incoming Michigan State linebacker Andrew Dowell one final time as his report date nears.

They say the third time’s the charm and Michigan State fans hope the addition of Andrew Dowell after commitments to Northwestern and Kentucky prove to be charming as the Lakewood (Ohio) St. Edward product lines up at linebacker for the Spartans.

Spartan Digest caught up with Dowell who visited his future home late last month for the spring game and who is counting down the days until he reports in early July.

“It was good getting back up to Michigan State especially with it being home now,” said Dowell. “It was a great atmosphere with Spartan Nation coming up and saying there are the Dowell brothers. They wanted to take pictures so that was cool but I can’t wait until it’s time to put the helmet and pads on.”

The spring trip allowed for Dowell and his brother David to connect with incoming teammates as well as future teammates.

“There were a lot of the 2016 commits there with some of them from our area that we know,” he said. “So it was good to see those guys and it was good to connect with our 2015 guys like quarterback Brian Lewerke.”

There was never any question Andrew and his brother would stay together at the next level.

“We always wanted to play together,” he said. “We workout together every day and he’s another competitor on our team that you know is going to give 100-percent. It’s good knowing you’re going to play with your brother and feed off him.”

With the recruiting process taking several twist and turns, Dowell knows in the end the process worked.

“The recruiting process is a blessing to be in,” he stressed. “It has its pressures but at the end of the day we did what was best for our family.

“It was a long process but looking back over it, I can say we definitely made the right choice. We are definitely where we want to be even though we had our struggles throughout the process.

“At the end of the day we found a school and place where we love the coaches and feel we can compete for championships.”

A multi sport athlete that helped St. Edwards win state championships in football and basketball, Dowell feels the recruiting process could use a few tweaks.

“I feel one thing that could be beneficial to the process would be allowing for official visits at different times of the year. We had our football and basketball schedules to work around, so I feel the ability to take visits in late June and in July would be beneficial to the whole process.”

After winning a state football title and making the final four in basketball, Dowell finally got back to his future.

“Once the dust settled I was able to get back to do what I like to do and work towards playing one of the linebacker positions at Michigan State,” he said. “Once signing day was over, it was getting my head back into the grind.”

Looking back Dowell knows he’ll miss his time at St. Edwards.

“We went to a great school in St. Edwards,” he said. “Today was our last day of school and I was thinking about us winning state championships in football and basketball and also being in the final four in both sports. We’ve had great success throughout my high school career and I owe that all to St. Edwards and my coaches.”


Q: What food will you ask your mother to make when you return home?

A: My mom makes really good lasagna. So I would probably asK her for lasagna with some bread sticks and a little bit of juice on the side.

Q: What music are you listening to now?

A: During workouts I like to listen to Meek Mill’s as it gets me hyped. But I’m always listening to Drake too.

Q: Thing you would change about your high school experience?

A: I would have changed winning two state championships instead of one.

Q: When I’m not playing football I do what?

A: I kick it with my friends and hangout. I use to play the saxophone, but I’m not in to that too much now. So now it’s all about chillin and keeping my mind right.

Q: Who is the better cook, you or your brother?

A: To be honest neither one of us can cook. So shout out to my mom as she does all the cooking in the house and keeps us well fed.

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