Noah Davis Talks About The Opening Experience

COLUMBUS, OHIO -- For Michigan State tight end pledge Noah Davis, The Opening Regional was more about building bonds with his future teammates. Spartan Digest spoke with Davis about his day and summer plans.

Some players love the experience of attending The Opening Regional camp events while others go for other reasons. For Cincinnati St. Xavier tight end Noah Davis the day was all about building relationships.

“It’s a cool experience,” said Davis. “The testing is not my favorite part, but getting the chance to throw with Messiah (deWeaver) a little bit was good as it’s the first time I’ve thrown with him. Also, just getting to know the other guys is great.”

Along with deWeaver several other future Spartans attended the event on the Ohio State University campus giving Davis a chance to meet many.

“It was cool as Michigan State draws from all over the Midwest,” he said. “They also draw from all over the country, but everybody is more or less from the Midwest. So it was cool to see everybody today.”

How has life been since putting the recruiting process behind him with a pledge to the Spartans?

“Things are good,” he said. “There are not as many phone calls which I don’t mind. I was not a big fan of the whole recruiting process but it’s good to have it over and know I’m going to Michigan State.”

With his commitment Davis will not have to make the camp circuit in the coming weeks. However, one camp is a must.

“I’ll be going up on June 13th for camp at Michigan State and it should be a good time,” he said. “Today kind of set the tone and hopefully, we’ll get to bond more up there and get to know each other more and have more cohesiveness.”

Before heading to camp Davis will take a vacation to Mexico and then return from East Lansing with full focus on his senior season.

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